YAMAHA Piano: P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano – Review

yamaha piano

Yamaha is a well-known brand in this industry, and their Portable or “P” series keyboards are well-known for their attractive design and high-quality sound. It is a pleasant and simple-to-use digital piano that beginners will find to be suitable.

Yamaha Piano P71 is a model that is only available on Amazon, and it is also the most affordable model in the company’s “P” line of instruments. There are two additional popular variations in the same series, notably the P45 and the P115, which are both available for purchase. It would not be incorrect to argue that the budget-friendly model includes some of the same helpful features found in its more expensive siblings.

To the Touch, it is authentic

Practice on the GHS action is beneficial for prospective pianists because it helps them develop the right finger technique for when they eventually perform on an acoustic piano.

Operation is straightforward, using only one button.

A large number of the P71’s settings can be altered with the push of a single button.  Yamaha’s famous sound engine AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) sampling captures the sound of an acoustic piano using digital technology, a technique known as sampling. AWM Stereo Sampling, which uses pairs of waveforms (L and R) collected with two microphones, produces a deeper, richer, and more expansive sound than traditional stereo sampling. The P71 makes use of AWM to play one sample per key at changing volumes and timbres, with each key representing a different key.

When you play the piano, you can be certain that you will be getting a true piano sound and feel.

yamaha piano

Build and Design is two different things in Yamaha Piano.

Despite its low price, it does not appear to be of inferior quality. The build quality is rather nice, and the compact design makes for a more convenient overall experience. The design is basic, and it exudes a certain subtle elegance at the same time. It is only 25 pounds in weight.

Dual-Mode Operation

The fact that the Yamaha piano has a dual mode warrants special note. The ability to play two different sorts of musical instruments at the same time is provided by this. This is a great option for people who like to be creative and wish to merge two different gadgets at the same time. It is possible to blend piano and strings, for example.


The Yamaha P71 is a digital piano that is extremely portable. Consequently, it is the most suitable solution for use at home. 

The weighted keys are designed to meet the needs of both beginning and seasoned piano players alike in terms of usage. The keys are truly GHS-weighted, as the name implies. They felt quite smooth to the touch. The answer is incredibly lifelike, and in this instance, it outperforms most segment competitors by a wide amount.

Aside from that, there are four additional key sensitivity settings to experiment with. It is possible to make sounds of the same quality with a fixed setting without having to pay attention to whether the hit was hard or gentle. However, the only default setting that gives players a true acoustic piano experience is the medium setting, which is the only one available by default.

The hard settings and the soft settings are used to adjust the sensitivity of the keys to a harder or a softer setting, depending on the situation.

The Quality of the Sound

There is no way you would purchase a digital piano just based on its small size and lower price—absolutely not! Even if you do not intend to use it regularly, there is no way to ignore the actual performance of the device. This is where the Yamaha P71 excels, as it strikes all the proper notes!

There are a total of ten different piano voices on the keyboard. This is due to Yamaha’s AWM sound engine, which creates a tone that is identical to that of acoustic pianos, which is truly remarkable.


The piano has straightforward controls that even a complete beginner will be able to grasp without difficulty. An ideal digital piano should have the necessary connectivity options so that it may be used in conjunction with other accessories and musical instruments.

In addition, it has a real USB port, as well as an auxiliary input jack and an audio output jack. It will be rather simple to incorporate the keyboard sounds into other music software programs. Although it does not have MIDI, it does have USB support, which is sufficient.

Buying the P71 Digital Yamaha Piano: Is It a Good Investment?

The model is reasonably priced, but it does not sacrifice performance or durability in the process. It has the definitive Yamaha mark on it, which is noticeable. With the device, you’ll also receive a manage pedal, a power connector, and a sheet holder. As a result, you will not need to purchase any other accessories to get started. If both variants are placed side by side, as they currently are, it will be impossible to tell the difference. The P71, on the other hand, is an Amazon exclusive and has a lower price tag than the P45.

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