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BOSS Katana-MKII amps take the guitar amplifier world by storm, with a very responsive feeling, attractive tones, and various onboard effects. All BOSS Katana-MKII amplifiers come with an easily accessible interface that enables you to dial in and save outstanding tones. Check out the fascinating things that can be done with this powerful BOSS Katana-MKII amplifier editor.

You will have to download and install the following components if you have a Katana amp already and want to start with BOSS Tone Studio:

• The most recent Katana amplifier firmware (if needed).

• The Katana operating system driver for your PC.

• Katana’s BOSS Tone Studio.

You may locate all these files by clicking on the Downloads tab on the product page of your BOSS Katana-MKII model. Click on the Support tab on the product page of your amp to find a PDF instructions manual to use BOSS Tone Studio with Katana amps.

You can still download and use the BOSS Tone Studio editor offline if you do not yet have a Katana amplifier to explore everything it can accomplish.

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When your Katana amplifier has been connected to BOSS Tone Studio, a graphical interface is available for almost any adjustment in the amplifier. You may adjust amplifier tones, load, and adjust effects, save and retrieve tonal configuration, and more. The software interacts with the amp directly, making it easy to produce sounds while you’re playing. 

Amp Tones Modification

All amplifier controls are available at the top of the main editor panel. You may make microscopic modifications and dial into sounds by fine-checking each parameter from 0-100.

Effects Editing

Each Katana amp has access to more than 60 different BOSS effects together with its excellent amp tone. You may hear and tweak these effects with BOSS Tone Studio, then load them into the 15 onboard storage sites offered at Katana.

Categories of Effects

The impacts of Katana are divided into five categories:

• Booster 

• Mod 

• Delay 

• FX 

• Reverb

The categories Mod and FX can load effects from Mod/FX so that you can use both categories to have that same effect. This may be desirable when you set up the effect chain, which we will cover here. You can assign reverb, delay, or a combination of them both simultaneously in the Reverb category.

There are three separate slots for each category and a different effect can be loaded into each.

Chain of Effects

Generally, wahs, compressors, drives, distortions, and boosters will be used before the amp, while reverb will be used after the preamp. This has been taken into account by the BOSS engineers so that you can change the order of effects using BOSS Tone Studio.

Parameters of Fine-Tune Effects

You may edit them in great detail as you load the effects into the slots. The whole range of settings to be adjusted in each effect type is similar to those accessible in the Multisector Unit BOSS GT-100.

Removing noise

The Katana also features a built-in noise suppressor in addition to its 5 types of effects. This can be advantageous for the use of large-scale background noise. The control is only available from the amp’s panel with BOSS Tone Studio; no controls are available. Contrary to a basic noise door, the sound suppressor from Katana smartly follows the natural decline of the sound and so does not influence the nature of your tone.

Save Tone Adjustment

You may save them in the katana as a Tone Setting when you change the different parameters to your satisfaction. Just click on the WRITE button at the top right of the Editor page and give the name to the desired destination. Both models feature two banks, Bank A and B, indicating four stories for 50MKII or eight stores for a total of 100MKII amps.

Librarian and Sets of Life

Also included in BOSS Tone Studio is a librarian who can back up the existing configurations, deal with live sets, and more. In essence, Live Sets offer a mechanism to store and organize Tone Settings in groups for various performances, songs, recordings, or anything you desire. To view all Katana Live Set collections from top pro players, just click the TONE CENTRAL icon.

Settings for the system

By clicking the SYSTEM button, the amplifier and software will display master settings. The settings for MIDI, USB, and a device may be modified here. The current documentation for Katana owner can be downloaded and more.

All models KTN-100MKII, KTN-100/212MKII, KTN-ARTISTMKII, and Katana-Head MKII all have a rear-panel effect loop to connect to devices for external effects.

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