Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface

apollo twin x

With the technology change, advancement has also skyrocketed in terms of machines and computers as well. However, it is hard to get a powerful machine if you’re clueless about some of the best features that a machine must incorporate to make it more efficient.

Therefore, not all computers might operate the same or give similar results in terms of performance. How will you know that your computer can track time without mishaps? Universal Audio Apollo Twin X got your back. 

Sometimes you might experience some hitches in terms of your computer performance and don’t know how to handle it. So, in this article, we’ve shed light on some of the things you ought to know about universal audio Apollo twins this year.

On the other hand, is your computer dragging you due to low performance, lack of enough power, or low speed to run the entire plug-ins during your recording time? Worry not because the Quad-core process has your back. With this processor, you can track real-time with Neve, Manley, API channel strips, or even run a large UAD plug- INS when mixing your DAW. 

If you are craving to track genuine time with API, UAD plug-INS, Manley, or Neve, probably, that’s why you are here. Without wasting time, let’s examine some amazing features of Audio Apollo Twin X and thunderbolt audio interface.

Apollo Twin x Quad 10×6

Upgraded Apollo quad gives the topmost quality sound when performing at the studio. With dual unison preamps, you can play tracks at the studio at industry legendary levels. Offers ultra-first connectivity and it’s boasted UA Luna software it enables recording, editing, global consoles real-time tracking, tape emulations, mixing environments, and controlling interface parameters. 

If you have upgraded your Apollo twin x then you are in a better position to enjoy all these amazing benefits from the software. Plug-in and adjusting Apollo Twin x allows the microphone to interact with preamps hence filtering the audio and giving out the most incredible sound that is liked by most people in the world. 

apollo twin x

The 2 unison preamps enable the user to track through models of the industry of most legendary hardware. It is integrated with talkback to enable easy communication and taking of slates.

With Apollo twin x you can record your audio via UAD plug-ins without necessarily having to engage in the workload of devoting a huge CPU interface to them. You can record in real-time your audio in a latency of 2ms.

Some of the real-time analog classics that you will receive are; marshall Plexi classic, precision reflection engine, Ampeg SVT-VR Classic, UA 610-B, UA 1176LN Legacy, Pultec-Pro Legacy, Precision Channel Strip, Real verb pro, Raw Distortion, precision Delay mod L among others. Let’s now dive into the thunderbolt audio interface.

Thunderbolt audio interface

It’s one of the technologies in audio production that has been in existence for the past many years. It gives lower latency and stability better than firewire and USB and clocks in the speed performance of the latency. 

So it tracks and monitors through plug-ins without any latency. One amazing feature to note about Apollo twin x is that it’s connected to three thunderbolts that enable it to run projects with a very high latency of less than 2ms. Isn’t that incredible? 

Apollo interface is networked under 3- thunderbolt to enable efficient and fast bandwidth DSP and I/O connection in your studio during the performance. For this reason, you don’t need a new computer when the speed gets low, all you need to do is adjust the speed knob of up to 1-3 of the thunderbolt and you will be good to go. 

In case you have not yet installed the upgraded Apollo twin x squad then you are missing out on a lot of amazing features that will add a vibe to your studio with incredible sounds ever. Take action now and enjoy the amazing features discussed in the article.

Final Thoughts

When you can get amazing audio from the studio when using your computer or any machine, it will always attract and lure people to listen to your tracks, especially if you are a top artist.

How do you achieve this? Universal Audio Apollo Twin X Quad 10×6 Thunderbolt Audio Interface can provide you with exactly what your heart desires. Also, it is accompanied by some features that make it superb when it comes to sound quality.

You will get Apollo Twin x Quad 10×6 which provides ultra-first connectivity and it’s boasted with UA Luna software, it enables recording, editing, global consoles real-time tracking, tape emulations, mixing environments, and controlling interface parameters.

Moreover, the Thunderbolt audio interface, it gives lowers latency and stability better than firewire and USB that’s clocks in the speed performance of the latency.

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