6 Things You Need to Know About Trials in Tainted Space Wiki

Trials in Tainted Space Wiki

Do you possess a passion for text-based adult games? If yes, you may want to try Trials in Tainted Space, also popularly known as Trials in Tainted Space Wiki. This is an erotic text-based hentai game, from the creators of the naughty Corruption of Champions. 

Most people will quit playing this game after about five minutes of gaming, probably due to boredom or simply getting offended. However, anyone with a love for adult games will automatically get lost in hours of extremely graphic sensual, and adult content that surpasses their wildest dreams. 

Trials in Tainted Space Wiki

Trials in Tainted Space Wiki is a Not Safe For Work, (NSFW) game, and therefore it does not sit well with people who easily get offended, considering that it is full of graphic adult content and a lot of profanity.

The game is majorly text-based, and it is all up to your imagination. What makes it even more exciting is that the text does start to vividly paint some pretty graphic pictures in your head, wholly engaging your mind.

That said, in this article, we’ve documented the top 6 things you need to know about trials in tainted space. Without wasting time, let’s get started.

Character Selection

Your first task as soon as you get into Trials in Tainted Space is to pick out your character of choice. This game is deeply extensive with its character creation, and you can blend characters from any particular setting in any galaxy you choose. 

You are not restricted to just being human, rather there are plenty of other races to choose from, and there is a back story in detail and a comprehensive fact file for each of the races. From being a studly ship captain to an Amazonian beauty to a good mercenary in such jobs, there is a wide variety of extraordinary characters to keep you thrilled throughout the game.

Action and Gameplay

TITS contains plenty of role-play game mechanics in it and once you build up your character you are good to begin your adventure. The game has a grid to the left side of where the text is and this serves as your “map.” In each area you go in you will encounter people you can talk to, do and even fight with. However, there are some other areas on the grid which are uneventful except for a description of the area you are in.

Combat in the game is generally okay. Although some people find it rather boring, there is at least some significant difference between each of the classes in the game. 

You can only use hand-to-hand combat/brawl, or ranged weapons, and not both at once, which is rather annoying, to be honest. As the game is funded on Patreon, they allow access to the current builds of the game hence you can be assured it will just keep getting better. They also seem to take into consideration the suggestions from fans of the game.

Pros of the Game

  • Lots of characters to create: there’s simply no limit to the choice of character creation in TITS. You can choose to be a ship captain, a fierce muscled amaphrodite, an ambitious mercenary, or any other character choice that meets your wildest imagination. There is a detailed background story for each character you choose, with a detailed fact file about them. Hence, you are free to choose who you want to be in your world of fantasy and adventure.
  • The universe in the game is huge. As the game provides a detailed background story for each character from whichever galaxy you choose, there is simply no limit to the number of settings and encounters your adventure can traverse. There is a wide variety of inter-galaxy conquests you can engage in to get lost in hours of fantasy and extreme debauchery.
  • It does have combat: For people who are thrilled by combat action, you do encounter instances in the course of your adventure where you have to engage in hand-to-hand combat or use ranged weapons to fight. Therefore, the game can get exciting for action enthusiasts.
  • It is extremely naughty:  if you are the type that is into graphic adult content, then this game can engage your mind for hours with plenty of debaucheries. Indulgence of sensual pleasures beyond your imagination, violence, and a lot of profanity, are just some of the aspects that make up a large part of this game.

Cons of the Game

Like most things with advantages, this game does not lack its fair share of disadvantages. The cons of Trials in Tainted Space include:

  • It is largely text-based; this means that for the larger part of the game, you follow a textual sequence of events of the character’s story, so you do not get to witness a lot of action. Most people wish they could see what is happening unfolds in action. This explains why many people opt out after the first five minutes. You have to possess a passion for text-based adult games to properly appreciate the game.
  • It is not a game for everyone; TITS is an adult game laced with intense debauchery: Which means that it contains a lot of graphic adult content and coarse language. As a result, the game is not suitable for many people. It is a game to be kept away from kids, and it can be way offensive to adults who do not appreciate the filth that comes with the game. This game is therefore restricted to people who can handle debauchery.

More Information about Trials in Tainted Space Wiki

The Trial in Tainted Space Wiki is a site where you can find more information about the game. As most information on the site is contributed largely by fans, most of it is either out of date or inaccurate. On this page, however, you will be able to see everything you need to know about the Trials in Tainted Spacewiki link.

How to Get Trials in Tainted Space Wiki

You can download TITS on your pc or your mobile Android or ios device from the game’s website at fenoxo.com, install it and play it anywhere.


Trials in Tainted Space are an extreme text-based adult game for people with a love for text-based hentai. If you are the type, then this game can be an absorbing pastime you can engage in for hours. It is, however, not safe for children and people who get offended by graphic content and coarse language. It is also best played at the player’s discretion, as a private recreational activity.

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