Shillelagh DND 5e Spell Wiki

Shillelagh DND 5e Spell Wiki

Ever heard of shillelagh? Do you have any ideas and features in mind regarding it? If not, never mind! This blog will help us learn more about shillelagh 5e and within no time you will be fully knowledgeable. Just to get started, shillelagh is a thick stock of blackthorn or oak that is used mainly in Ireland, typically as a weapon, a walking cane.

Shillelagh DND 5e Spell Wiki

 It’s also referred to as ‘cudgel’ in many circumstances it’s used to whack somebody over the head. It’s made from a stout knobby and knotty stick. True Irishmen never leave the home compound without one. 

A spell is a great tool hence you can keep it in your toolbox for your druid. Let us analyze some important information about shillelagh 5e.

  • attributes of shillelagh 5e spell
  • Shillelagh uses
  • Who gets shillelagh
  • Cons and pros of shillelagh

Attributes of Shillelagh 5e Spell 

Shillelagh has the following main attributes: school is transmutation, the range is by touch, casting time is one bonus action, has a duration of one minute, the attack or save is Melee, the damage or effect caused is Bludgeoning, class is Druid and its components are; verbal, somatic, and material i.e. mistletoe, a shamrock, club or quarterstaff. ’The club wood you are holding is imputed with the power of nature. 

For duration use your spellcasting ideas or ability to attack and damage rolls of melee attacks by use of that weapon. If the weapon gets damaged it dies and transforms into a d8. Note that, if the weapon is not already it becomes magical! If you cast again or let the weapon go, the spell automatically ends.

Who gets shillelagh?

Druids get shillelagh as an exclusive spell. During the primary stat, it takes the advantage of this stage. The only way to get shillelagh is by your spellcasting ability or often get wisdom for shillelagh. Then you can later use it with charisma by selecting Tone Pact and gaining it as your bonus cantrips with no concentration.

Shillelagh uses

Every true Irishman will always leave their home compound with a shillelagh. It’s made from a stout knobby and knotty stick. At the tip of the knotty stick, we have a knotty head that these men mainly use for whacking, striking and gripping.

It was popularly used in the 18-19th century in wars to fight each other during gatherings and events. During those times, the fights were for fun and sports but later they diverged to be violent and politically related.

In the 19th century, shillelagh evolved into a martial art. Most fathers started teaching their sons how to fight using shillelagh and within no time, the idea became a rite of passage from childhood to adulthood among boys in Irish communities. Local Maighistri Prionnsaor fencing master used to educate boys as well on how to use shillelagh. In this modern world, it is still used for self-defense.

Pros and cons of shillelagh

Shillelagh helps to make strikes magical! Hence a better option for lower-level characters facing enemies that are immune or resistant to non-magical damage. it can also be used as a bonus action hence allowing you to cast again. 

Shillelagh can be cast with a shield and staff. Divine focus is concentrated on the clerics’ shields, hence allowing a cleric to wield a weapon using the other hand and at the same time be in a position to cast again.

 Another amazing feature about shillelagh is that during combat you can use your strongest stat instead of using an inferior modifier. With the Druid class, the strongest start is Wisdom. If you want to succeed in an attack roll; id20+strength modifier +your weapon proficiency bonus, this helps to resolve damage by using the mentioned simple quarterstaff.

The primary con of shillelagh is that it does not scale well at higher levels. It does not easily power up and for that, it does not function efficiently. The best way for dealing with damage after success, you hit 1d8+ strength modifiers. 

Note that if you want to succeed always then you must be ready to make sacrifices somewhere in stat chat for remaining efficient and professional in spell casting.


In conclusion, we have learned that shillelagh originated in Ireland and slowly spread to other continents. It was used as a sword for fun and sports but later it became for self-defense and for attacking gangs. 

The forefathers of the ancient period of the 19th century started to train and teach their sons how to use it. It developed and became popularly known as a way of passage of rites from childhood to adulthood. 

In the modern world, it is also still used by most men for self-defense. If you haven’t used it then you can buy it from online market stores and experience how professional and efficient it is. They can be found in various sizes so you can window shop and select one that is more efficient and appropriate for your use.

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