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Magic Stone 5e

Are you an RPG fanatic? Well, you might just like DnD, if you have not tried it yet. Known in full as Dungeons and Dragons, this is a wild fantasy-based RPG game developed for your ultimate PC gaming experience on your windows or another OS device.

D&D is a game that is normally played by a group of gamers with a narrator known as a DM. However, you can also play the game alone for a fun adventure experience, with a friend, or even a few more players but without the narrator. 

The trick here is to come up with a few game-governing tables of your own.

Magic Stone 5e

Magic Stone DND 5e Wiki

Magic Stone 5e is one of the cantrip spells in Dungeons and Dragons. Here, you can touch up to three small stones and cover them with magic. Any player can launch a ranged magic offensive within a radius of up to sixty feet, using a sling or just manually throwing it. 

Any offensive launched on you by an opponent using the spell-imbued stone automatically adds your spell-casting capacity modifier, instead of the opponent’s, to the attack roll. 

Here are a few things you need to know about the Magic Stone 5e cantrip;

  1. How to use it
  2. Damage
  3. Properties
  4. Where applicable
  5. Sneak attacks.
  6. Additional tricks.

1. How to use it

After casting a spell on the pebbles, you can hurl them at other creatures such as Goblins and other attackers, using a sling or just mechanically launching them. Upon impact, the magic-imbued pebbles can inflict a significant amount of cudgeling damage and adds your spell-casting potentiality modifier to the attack roll. 

DND supports melee and ranged attack combats, with the sling counting as a ranged weapon when used to launch pebbles. However, the sling’s normal impact, in this case, is usually negligible, as you will be making a spell attack rather than a weapon attack. 

Whether you hit your target or not, the spell then ends on the imbued rock, and a repetition of the spell-casting on any other pebble imbued would then be briefly effective.

2. Damage

The magic Stone deals more damage than the pebble would by itself before you imbue them with magic. On impact, the pebbles deal cudgeling damage of about 1d6, as well as your spell-casting potentiality modifier. 

If the attacker girls a magic Stone at you, then your spell-casting potentiality modifier instead of the attacker’s, is added to the roll of attack.

3. Properties

Any attack using the magic Stone does not count as a ranged weapon or melee attack, but rather as a spell attack. Hurling the magic pebbles with a sling can be considered a ranged spell attack. 

Magic stones attacks don’t merit anything requiring weapon attacks. However, using a sling can qualify for any feature requiring ranged weapons.

4. Where applicable

Magic stones are applicable for you to use in attack actions against enemy targets in the game, especially those that require the use of more than regular weapons, ranged, and melee attacks. 

Another instance of magic stone convenience is when you are playing with a group; you can imbue several pebbles with magic and give them to your friends who have no spell-imbued weapons to help them out with attacks against targets that are immune to non-spell attacks.

5. Sneak attacks

Magic Stone spells don’t qualify for sneak attacks. You get a single opportunity in every turn whereby you can inflict additional damage of 1d6 to a target you nail with an attack when you have an attack-roll advantage. 

This attack should strictly use ranged weapons or finesse, so you cannot use magic stones. Attack roll advantage, however, is not necessary when another adversary of your target is in a radius of 5 feet from the target. The extent of additional damage increases as you level up in the class.

6. Additional tricks

One of the creative ways you can use the magic stones 5e cantrip to your advantage is the magic Stone and light cantrip. 

You can use this cantrip, by casting light on your magic Stone; you can have an illuminated radius of about 20 feet, where you can hurl your magic Stone with accurate precision. You can also use this cantrip to illuminate your way around dark underground chambers and look out for mechanically placed booby traps. This cantrip is best for places that do not require you to be sneaky or stealthy. 

There are a lot more ways where you can use the light and magic Stone cantrip; you can even use them as decoys to distract the attention of guard dogs from you.


Dungeons and Dragons is an action role-playing game full of fun and creativity, and it can be quite thrilling for anyone that loves fantasy and combat. It also introduces you to an extensive world of RPG fantasy and magic. 

Though it has over the years received much criticism, even getting banned in some correctional facilities for alleged encouragement of gang activity, Magic Stone and D&D 5e as a whole is one fun game that can help you spend recreational time on your own or have fun playing with friends. So if you are into role-playing games, combat, and fantasy, you can try DND today, you just might love it.

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