Some Facts and Benefits of the Pella Lifestyle Series

Pella Lifestyle Series

Pella Lifestyle series windows are customizable and designed to fit your room. The perfect combination of style and durability makes it one of the leading interior brands. The brand keeps inventing new styles and designs for its wooden windows and before launching them they test the products 37 times.

pella Lifestyle Series

Pella Lifestyle Series windows are exceptional and extraordinary

The brand of these windows is made with special energy-efficiency facilities that can protect you from the hottest and coldest days. They have a package of ‘Advanced comfort low E-glass’ along with ‘triple-pane glass’ to control the temperature inside your room. 

These Windows has better noise reduction capacity

Your naptimes are going to be peaceful if you have the Pella Lifestyle Series windows at home. The windows are made up of sound control glasses aiming to deliver extraordinary performance to the customers. The triple-pane glass and the thickness of mixed glasses help enhance sound dampening. It has the capability of disrupting sound waves to make your home more calming and noise-free. 

Exotic Performance of the Pella Series windows

The brand has made some performance packages based on customers’ requirements and demands. The packages have the most upgrades and are made up of triple-pane glass which is way better and more efficient than the single-pane windows. The frequently used rooms are appropriate for the Pella lifestyle series windows packages. This series of windows offer a home where you will find peace, comfort, and love. 

The company has some big goals

Pella is the second largest window company in the U.S. The brand started by making roll screens back in 1925 and eventually started manufacturing beautiful wooden windows and doors. They have won many awards for their quality of products and humble customer service. If you go through the consumer reports on Pella, you’ll know how the brand has built trust among its customers. 

The Pella Lifestyle Series has plenty of product lines

The first and one of the most appreciable things about the company is its product lines. They have a huge range of their products in every package. Their product lines include wood windows with aluminum exteriors, vinyl windows, and fiberglass windows. These product lines come in packages like ‘The Pella Impervia Series’, ‘The Pella Architect Series, and the Pella Lifestyle Series. And in this article, we will focus only on the Pella Lifestyle Series windows. 

What is the Pella Lifestyle Series?

The brand Pella has nothing called an entry-level product as it never compromises the quality of the product. So, anything you buy from Pella will be top-notch. But, the Pella lifestyle series windows offer a reasonable range yet high-quality product series. 

Pella always insists on quality and hence uses cardinal glass for all of its products. It doesn’t matter about the packages but all the glasses of the brand are cardinal. This is the best and superior glass in the market. Only big brands with huge budgets and funding can opt for such quality glasses. 

Apart from the product quality, the excellent craftsmanship and customer service are highly appreciable. The brand has a team of extremely creative employees to come up with breathtaking designs and other customer services. There are quite a few articles where the brand Pella has been established as one of the best places to work in. The perfect combination of happy and skillful employees helps the brand to grow in every aspect of the business. 

pella Lifestyle Series

The Pella lifestyle Series has few options of color, unlike its other top-product lines. In this series, you will find the basic standard colors like tan, black, and white. This product line is the only one that offers ‘integrated blinds and shades’ like no other product line. They come in six different color shades and four types. These are; ‘Picture Windows’, ‘Double-hung Windows’, ‘Casement Windows’ and ‘Awning Windows. 

Some Benefits of using the Pella Lifestyle Window Series

The design and installation of the Pella Lifestyle Series windows and doors are precisely impeccable. They are elegantly beautiful that add to your sense of aesthetics. The benefits of using the Pella Lifestyle Series windows and doors are mentioned below;

  • They use energy-efficient wood.
  • The products are made up of exclusively quality wood and metal with great finishing.
  • The designs can last for the longest time. They absorb less moisture and stay intact even after a long period. Durability is very important for a quality product. 
  • They offer seven interior stains and three colors that fit your requirements and taste.
  • The widows of this series reduce outside noises. It has soundproof glasses to provide you with a calm and peaceful home.
  • Energy efficiency helps control the temperature of your room on the hottest and coldest days. 

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