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God’s Knowledge Truth, You Should Know!

God’s Knowledge: God knows everything. God knows everything past, everything present and even everything future. In heaven or on earth-God knows everything. This concept of God’s knowledge can described through the word omniscience. He is omnipresent in everywhere irrespective of time and space or in heaven or on earth. The ancient scriptures mention the particular judgment and blessing of God’s knowledge to the world and people he chooses to be his own. 

god's knowledge

Some lines and Verses of God’s Knowledge

In Genesis 18 there is an instance of God sharing his future plans for the world to Abraham. The exact verses could be found in Genesis 18:16-21.

‘Then the men set out from there, and they looked down toward Sodom. And Abraham went with them to set them on their way’- verse 17. ‘The lord said, “Shall I hide from Abraham what I am about to do,-Verse 18, seeing that Abraham shall surely become a great and mighty nation, and all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him?-verse 19, for I have chosen him, that he may command his children and his household after him to keep the way of the lord by doing righteousness and justice, so that the lord may bring to Abraham what he has promised him”- verse 20. Then again the lord said, “Because the outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah is great and their sin is very grave, I will go down to see whether they have done altogether according to the outcry that has come to me. And if not, I will know.”

These above mentioned 5 verses state the truths about God’s knowledge. It states the facts of how God is omnipresent and knows everything about his creation. 

Some truths about God’s Knowledge

god's knowledge

A. God’s Knowledge encompasses everything in the universe

The five verses state that God knows everything about the past, about the present and about the future. In verse 17 he talks about his plans for the future. This includes the demolition of Gomorrah and Sodom which is further described in verse 19. However, in the first verse he reveals his plans to his disciple and offspring Abraham to carry it forward to the earth. 

In verse 18, we find how God plans to bless the entire earth and its nations through Abraham. Similarly, in verse 19, Abraham is showering his blessings to his children as they are pledged to God. From these two verses, we learn how his actions in the present are informed by God’s knowledge of the future. So, God’s knowledge encompasses everything that is going in and around the world. 

In verse 20, he has mentioned the “outcry against Sodom and Gomorrah” and “their sin is very grave”; He wants to visit earth and demolish the sins of Sodom and Gomorrah through Abraham, his offspring. 

B. God’s Knowledge is Concordat 

In verse 19 it is written “For I have chosen him”- hi is Abraham here and God is speaking of his special bonding with him. But despite of Abraham being his favorite, he uses the word ‘chosen’ deliberately to convey his knowledge about Abraham. God’s knowledge of Abraham is different from all the other knowledge. He further explains his personal relationship with Israel and his specially chosen people. 

C. The third truth says that God’s knowledge is simple

The concordat nature of God’s knowledge informs the commitment of God to his creation. The humans and other creatures plan, learn, grow and adapt in wisdom hence knowledge is finite and either improving or worsening. But God’s knowledge is different from the other’s knowledge he has an all-encompassing knowledge that reveals he knows everything about the world. He knows everything because he himself has created everything and the actions in present are the reflection of his plans for the future. 

gods of knowledge

D. History and scriptures say God’s knowledge is personal

According to the history, God’s knowledge is personal which indicates the infinite nature of God. The God stands above, outside and over time; in a nutshell he is present everywhere. But also enters the personal spaces to make his judgments like give blessings to them or curse them just like in case of Sodom and Gomorrah. Apart from his general doings for his creation, he also conducts the personal affairs of his children hence God’s knowledge is also personal. 

To acquire the fullness of God’s knowledge it is important to go through all the scriptures and documentations of the ancient World. But, it is possible to have a vivid and clear impression of the omniscient God and how is encompasses everything in the world through verse 18. It is not a cake-walk to acquire all of his knowledge so it’s quite exhaustive but once you understand the philosophy and the perspective of the idea, it will start occurring to be beautiful. 

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