How To Get Food Coloring Out Of Carpet – Secret Tricks

how to get food coloring out of carpet

Carpets are a very essential accessory for every household. We all have our favorite carpets that we only use when the guests arrive. Our households have carpets for regular use as well. It is a multipurpose accessory. There are different places in the world having exclusive carpets with local and authentic designs. Carpets are so useful that they could be used at any time of the year. Be it in winter or summer or spring. 

But, at times, it is very disappointing when our favorite carpets get stained by food color. The stains can be hard or light depending on the quantity of the food color. 

This article intends to help out its reader with

Tips and Tricks on how to get Food Coloring out of Carpet

how to get food coloring out of carpet

#1: Usage of water and soap to get food coloring out of the carpet

The most common way to get food coloring out of a carpet is to wash it off with soap and water. Use warm water because it helps to melt the harsh color quickly. It is best if you soak the carpet in soap water and then wash it with plain water. 

#2: Carpet Stain Remover can help you get food coloring out of the carpet

You can get a carpet stain remover from the market. It is easily available nowadays. You can even search for it online. Spray a portion of the stain remover on the concerned area of the carpet and follow the manufacturer’s information. 

#3: Cloth Blotting is a way to get food coloring out of the carpet

For this technique, you need a clean absorbent piece of cloth to blot the color in and out. You have to repeatedly do this for few times till the stain is completely gone. First, you have to do it with cold water and then do dry blotting. 

#4: Quickly Remove the Extra to get food coloring out of the carpet

As soon as the food color spits on your carpet, try to remove it as much as possible right away. For more effective results, you can use a spoon or a butter knife. If you take this quick action, there are fewer chances of a long-term stain on your favorite carpet. 

#5: Vinegar is a handy solution to get food coloring out of carpet

Vinegar is a very handy as well as useful ingredient to get food color out of the carpet. Its acidic nature lightens the stain mark easily. But make sure that you have taken a sufficient amount of vinegar to get the best results. It’s better if you can soak the stained area with some vinegar for a while. 

how to get food coloring out of carpet

#6: A mixture of Salt and Vinegar to get food coloring out of the carpet

If it is a moderate stain, a mixture of salt and vinegar can be very helpful. Make a paste of 3 tablespoon salt with a few drops of vinegar and then gently rub it on the concerned portion of the carpet. The strokes shouldn’t be harsh as they may damage the material of the carpet or fade the color away. 

#7: The laundry Stain remover is a good solution to get food coloring out of the carpet

Either you take your stained carpet to a local laundry shop for dry wash or you can get yourself a laundry stain remover. They are specially made to remove harsh stains. So, it might be of help. You have to mix it with water and then rub it on the stained portion for a while. 

#8: Paste Vinegar and Baking Soda to get food coloring out of the carpet

This is a very helpful technique for older stains. Make sure you have tested the solution on a hidden portion of the carpet before treating the stain, as it may affect the color of the carpet. First, put some baking soda on the affected area then add a cup of water and white vinegar mixture to a spray bottle. Now spray the mixture on the baking soda for the best possible results. The vinegar and baking soda reacts together and cleans the stained area. 

The bunch of above-mentioned information is some useful home remedies of how to get food coloring out of carpets. All the ingredients are easily available in most of our homes. If not, they are also available in the nearest markets. If it is not an extremely stubborn stain, all these mentioned tricks should work. Just follow them as instructed. I recommend the readers take action right after the incident to prevent long-term damage to the carpet. And if none of these tricks work how to get food coloring out of the carpet, it’s a stubborn stain and only professionals can deal with it. 

We hope the article was helpful for our readers.

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