Everything You Need To Know About The Luau Stardew Valley

Luau Stardew Valley

Festivals are loved by the majority of people anywhere in the world, especially those in villages. Stardew Valley is a farm game with as many as nine festivals, and the most famous festival is Stardew Luau Valley. The game is quite addictive, and it plays out on a farm where the lead character takes on his late grandfather’s neglected land. The player tends to the farm with all his might to avoid the city’s daily hustle.

Luau Stardew Valley

Stardew luau valley festival takes place in summer on the 11th day. On this day, people are not allowed to set foot on the beach until 9 am to 2 pm when the celebration happens. People are allowed to spend the entire day there till it ends at 10 pm.

The game was created in 2016 by Microsoft Windows and has gained a lot of popularity. Gamers can access it on various game consoles like macOS, Android, Linux, Xbox One, and iOs. Currently, it has sold over 10 million copies on different platforms. However, this guide will provide all the information required to hook you up if this information is new to you.

Luau Stardew Valley Seasons and Festivals

Spring Season:

It is the first season with these festivals: 

  1. Egg Festival is celebrated on the 13th of every spring, with Egg Hunt being the main attraction.
  2. Flower Dance is celebrated every 24th of every spring, whereby the player must find a suitable dance partner.

Summer Season:

Second Season with these festivals.

  1. Luau is celebrated on the 11th of every summer, with the potluck soup being the attraction.
  2. Dance Of The Moonlight Jellies is a beautiful celebration marked on the 28th of each summer at the beach.

Fall Season:

The third season with these festivals.

  1. Spirit’s Eve is a festival celebrated on the 27th of each year in fall, and the key attraction is Spirit’s Eve, making it a Haunted Maze festival.

Winter Season:

The final with these festivals.

  1. Festival Of Ice entails fishing in ice, and the participating player wins a lot of stuff. It is celebrated on the 8th of every winter. 
  2. Night Market is a festival in winter, between the 15th and 17th, where buying is the main event, and you can go on a boat ride.
  3. Feast Of The Winter Star is a giving festival held on the 25th day of every winter, and giving secret gifts makes it unique.

Luau Stardew Valley Game Guide

As mentioned above, the festival starts in the morning and ends two hours before midnight. Perhaps if you plan to attend the function, you should clear all your appointments on this day. All shops and houses will be closed as everyone attends the festival at the beach, meaning there will be no activity anywhere else apart from the beach. The Luau is all-inclusive, meaning there is something for everyone. 

There are different activities like cooking, and anyone can showcase their skills as the main celebration here is Luau delicacies. Major Lewis sends an invitation just before the festival, which he joins later on. One sentence never misses on this letter; bring some food with you, which will be anyone’s contribution to the potluck soup.

During the festival, you can connect with more people and make new friends as you socialize with people you have never met in Pelican Town. You can extend your focus from one person and influence the whole city to love you. Remember the instruction from the note to bring some food for the potluck soup? Make sure you get a good ingredient, and everyone will love you, including the Governor. Those who bring not-so-good ingredients end up becoming unpopular with other people. As you select your component, remember there are some you should never get.

Ingredients to Never be added to Potluck soup.

Potluck soup is prepared with many ingredients brought by different people, the Governor included. Therefore, every attendee must obtain the right ingredients. Adding the component entails the player walking to the pot, hitting the pick action, and selecting his element from the bag. 

After each addition, the Governor tastes the soup, and his reaction will tell you if you got the right one. Good ingredients earn you new friends, which improves your relationships in the village. On the other hand, a not-so-good addition to the soup does not attract any changes. However, a horrible addition costs your friendship levels causing villagers to suffer.

Now that you know the judgment you get after adding ingredients to the soup, avoid these at all costs: Anchovy, Barraza, CarpCroco, Narcissus, Country, SnackGreen Algae, Herring, Holly Jojo, Tail Pufferfish, Red Mushroom, Salmonberry, Sap Scorpion, CarpSea, Cucumber, Seaweed, Spring, Spring Onion, Sunfish, Sweet Pea, Unmilled Rice, Void Mayonnaise, and White Algae.

Favorable Additions

Every player has to add something to the potluck soup because if you don’t, the Governor will say something is missing. Enough about what could go wrong. These additions will impress the Governor, and you will win massively: Super Cucumber, Truffle, Goat’s Milk, Mutant Carp, Artichoke, Chanterelle, Mead, Angler, Pale Ale, Catfish, Melon, Lava Eel, Cheese, Sturgeon, Goat Cheese, Large Milk, Ice Pip, Starfruit, Glacierfish, Legend, Fairy Rose, Mead, Purple Mushroom, Yam, and Red Cabbage. Make sure these items are of gold or iridium quality. 


Luau Stardew Valley is an exciting farm game from Microsoft Windows, and it can be enjoyed on different platforms. The player must maintain the village culture of the various festivities celebrated every season. If you are new to the game, take time to try it and find out if it is really fun or overly hyped.

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