Things You Should Know About Tumblr Search

Tumblr Search

Technology has turned everything to be about competition online, especially on social media platforms. You get so much on Tumblr search because it combines several social media platforms; Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress. Many describe it as a microblogging site, and the services can be overwhelming for a newbie.

Tumblr Search

The site permits users to post so much; texts, cartoon images, videos from war-torn countries, and links, and you get blog notifications from other users each time they add new content. Since its inception in 2007, there has been an upsurge in published blog posts, and today the count is at 172 billion and counting. The better part of its content is from the U.S, U.K, and Brazil.

Things You Should Know about Tumblr Search

Currently, Tumblr is highly hyped everywhere as it is entertaining, a source of inspiration and brand promotion are some of the reasons why it is famous. Many social sites have come up and died in no time, but this one is the opposite. For this reason, there are reasons why you should be knowledgeable about the site and how to use it.

  1. Set up an account – You need to create an account to access the entire site, and the registration is straightforward. Like other accounts, you need a valid email address, username, and password. Since the platform has so many users, it might be challenging to find a username. 
    • However, the issue should not worry you because Tumblr got your back; they suggest similar usernames to choose from. The site will also want to confirm if you are a human or a robot. Thus, you will have to specify your age and the “Find images” standard check for many sites, hit verify, and create your account.
  1. Hidden side menu – Once you are on the homepage, you might wonder where to begin because the side menu is not openly visible. However, it is hidden in the sidebar where you will find recommended blogs.
  1. On average, a user browses through 67 pages monthly on the site, and the visit lasts at least 14 minutes, a record far higher than Facebook or Twitter.
  1. In the United States, Tumblr is among the top 20 popular sites, and more than one marriage proposal has happened on the dashboard.
  1. The site is common trousers of the age group 18-to-29 years.
  1. There was a site version update in January this year which rearranged the reblog buttons. Therefore, if you run the older version, you have no choice but to perform a manual update. Locate the XKit Control Panel, click on One-Click Postage, then select Update. Once the update is complete, hit the refresh icon to reload the page onto the new version. 
  1. Looking for the queue button? Find it on queue pages, under queue settings. 
  1. If you can’t find the Tag Replacer function, expect its comeback soon.
  1. How is the view on the dash extension obsolete? The process permitted users to type the title of a blog and then visit it on the dashboard. But currently, you type the username and view the blog without leaving the dashboard. If there are no results for your Tumblr search, you will get a “Go to @[username]” result. 
    • On the other hand, the command View on Dash is different from Go-to-Dash, and the two should not be confused for the other. The latter avails a simple link back to the posts on your dashboard.
  1. Where is the Tag viewer? Users should not expect an update of this function because it is now obsolete on the new dashboard. But you can access tags on note popups when you click the hashtag tab.
  1. Business and marketing – The Website is a ground for entrepreneurs to promote their brands since they can reach a wider target. Marketing does not come cheap. So, the chance is here to reach out and build a new community without spending a dime. Do research your competitors, find out what they are offering, and borrow what can improve your business.
  1. Find and follow blogs that interest you to grow on Tumblr, and you will find the platform interesting. Without this practice, you will find the site boring. Tap the Explore tab at the top-right corner of your screen, and you will get suggestions depending on the blogs you already follow and the trending ones too. If you are interested in something particular, type it in the search bar, then press Enter. 


The Tumblr search can give you results for anything you ask. Type it on the search bar, hit Enter, and the results will display on your screen. Also, make sure your Tumblr version is up to date to enjoy the website to the maximum. 

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