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Do you love entertainment or to be entertained?  Entertainment to some extent serves a different purpose in our life and individual body in general. For instance, some people prefer to be entertained when they are downcast or watch comic videos that will make them forget the depressed state they are in.

On the flip side, you can go to a football or basketball field to entertain yourself, right? In this scenario, engaging in such incidents will help to build your body fitness and protect you from the lethargic diseases of this world. 

Pretty cool, right?

However, in this article, talking of entertainment, we have confined ourselves to online websites and organizations primarily designed for entertainment. In this modern error, things have diversified and changed a great deal. It is as if we’re shifting into a digital world where almost everything will be done online. 

Nowadays, shopping has taken a bigger part and the majority have subscribed to online shopping. It is cheap, convenient, and effortless to order your commodities and deliver them right to your destined place. 

Also, there are new grounds currently for online entertainment.  Before that:

What is a Newgrounds player? 

Probably this is the first question that clicks in most people’s minds when they hear the word. In short terms, we can say Newgrounds player is an online website and company designed mainly for entertainment. It has existed since1995 and was founded by Tom Fulp. 

Site programmers on this platform are none-other than Josh Tuttle, James Hallowing, and Jeff Bandelin. Visitors have the right to vote and rank as well. This site is good since it holds user-generated content such as; indie games, films, audio, artwork, games, animations, hosting services, and many more. 

Other than these benefits you acquire from the site we have problems that come along. In this blog, we will look into some of those problems that you have to pay attention to. Let’s shift our attention to them.


The site is a bomb. The Newgrounds player is not safe at all. People describe it as the most dangerous zone on the internet, so weak people who can’t take risks should not even think of accessing the site. Children are banned from the site due to malicious adult content found on the site. 

For your safety avoid clicking any suspicious links and skip malicious flash videos on the judgmental section.

Madness- the biggest hit

It was made by Krinkles for the past 39 years with 15 singles reaching the UK top 10 rated. They include; “Baggy Trouser, house of fun. Wings of a Dave, one step beyond, it must be love among others.

Are you Psychotic?

How can you tell if you are psychotic? Some signs that can help you know are when you have a hallucination, feel paranoia toward any actions or interactions amongst others, hearing of voices, and have a different experience from what your fellows are experiencing.

Mental health

It is termed as a person’s ability to function and perform activities such as learning, feeling, and having a good relationship with other people. WHO shows that almost all illnesses have mental health issues but this does not guarantee that all people are mentally ill. 

A German psychiatrist by the name of Emil Kraepelin was the first to discover mental health syndrome in 1856-1926 and came up with suggestions for the underlying symptoms. Mental health affects a person’s feelings, actions, and thinking capacity.

Mental health falls into three main categories which are; psychological, social well-being, and emotional feelings of a person.

NG player was built by adobe flash and has been in existence for over 20 years. We can use it for entertainment purposes by getting into your exciting corner be it games, animation, series, or movies. You can download the player, install it on your android device then play your preferable content. Note that a new ground player is not safe at all many people say it is the most hazardous zone on the net so make sure you are very careful when using it and keep the site out of access to your kids. Can cause health mental issues and madness?


Online is not a site for everyone. People don’t value or sieve what they post or talk about on an online platform. Therefore, lots of content is uncouth for underage individuals to glimpse into them.

As much as you can be entertained and enjoy your day, what about a kid who had visited the site also to crack knuckles only to come across adult content? As you know, the internet has played a bigger role in diminishing the morals of children in society. 

So, be careful when browsing to get a Newgrounds player for your entertainment. Some problems are accompanied by an online site such as mental health among others.

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