How to Use Minor Illusion in D&D 5E

Minor Illusion 5e

In DnD, short for Dungeons and Dragons, you can use several tricks to outdo your opponents or boost your character. One of these versatile plays is the “Minor Illusion 5e” – it’s a very mischievous play, and you can use it to boost your spell power in the game in a way. For people new to the game and almost impossible to increase the spell for their character.

This mischievous play makes it a lot easier, although most players undervalue the illusion spell; the spell’s potency depends on your creativity – after all, creativity is a big part of the game. For more detail, refer to the image below:

Minor Illusion 5e

This cantrip is quite diverse, but it does (like everything else) have its limitations that are often easily forgotten. Two instances can’t be happening at the same time, the image cannot move (it’s static). It only lasts for a minute if not able to be recast. With that being discussed, let’s move on to the uses of this cantrip.

Visual Illusions:

1. Getaways:

  • Create an illusory wall to block the person chasing you!
  • If that fails, and they manage to get inside, hide inside an illusory crate and wait for them to leave.
  • Create a trail of misleading tracks to throw off your chaser.
  • Created a bridge? Replace it with an illusory bridge once you’re on the other side.

2. Chaotic:

  • Use it to make an illusory stool in the bar, invite someone to join you; offering them that stool.
  • Use it to leave illusory notes for someone who can read it; it’ll vanish once they read it.
  • Change what the street/store sign says.

3. Assisted Sneakiness:

  • To see the contents of a room without having to go in first, use this cantrip to make an illusory door where the door is, open it, and take a peek.
  • Create an illusory replica of the object to steal to stall the guards/keep them unaware.
  • Sneak out of your inn unnoticed with an illusion of yourself in the bed.
  • Escape prison in the same way as mentioned above (but in the cell, of course).
  • Bait someone using an illusory treasure chest, and use it to ambush them.
  • Make an illusory copy of the magic item someone’s been looking for, and try to get it for yourself while they’re chasing the illusion.
  • Hide a body using a minor illusion terrain over it.

4. Protection:

  • You can use it to defend someone (or an item) using a minor illusion 5e dog you made (a sleeping one because of spell restrictions).
  • If you’re low on health, create an illusory item to hide inside of, like a tree, staircase, or even a boulder. Attack your opponent from inside of it.

5. General:

  • Create an illusory depiction of someone to find out what they look like.
  • Talk to your teammates without being heard using speech bubbles.
  • A big pile of coins could prove useful in many events.
  • Minor illusions can also be used to depict the information you want on a slide show.
  • You can even create an illusory big pile of poop!

Audio Illusions:

1. Assisted Sneakiness:

  • You can use your minor illusory voice if you’re not able to speak/leave a zone of silence.
  • Create an eerie ambiance to help induce the frightening status.

2. General:

  • Create a sound to distract your opponent/guard to either get a sneak attack in or just sneak away.
  • You could even make fart noises.
  • Sound an illusory alarm to trick someone into leaving a certain vicinity, or lure them into a trap when they try to escape.

With that said, the minor illusion 5e has endless possibilities! You just need to be creative, you could even do something as talking in someone else’s voice to trick their teammates/troops. It’s about how much you can work up in your brain. What we’ve listed is only a portion of the possibilities this spell opens you up to!

With all said and done, that’s it for this article! We hope you find it useful, if you have any further questions/queries related to the article, feel free to comment down below!

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