How to Make Vegetable Powder and Use It?

Vegetable Powder

Vegetable powder making at home and using is a very cheaper option. You can get vegetables from your garden and make powder out of them to use later in different recipes. 

The easiest way is to dehydrate the vegetable and then make the vegetable powders. There are many health benefits of vegetable powder so you can consider it to be an added ingredient in your recipe. 

The vegetable powders have all the vitamins and nutrients in them. So, if we can manage to add some of them to our daily meals, we will be benefitted. You can also add your family members to the entire process of dehydrating vegetables and making vegetable powder.

It is important to know how to use the powder after you make it so that we are benefited from nutrients and vitamins. The quantity is used when the vegetable is cooked or raw. Since the nutrients are more concentrated in the powder, it is better not to use too much of it. 

How to make and use cucumber vegetable powder?

You can do this with any amount of cucumber. It is very easy to dehydrate them. You have to wash the cucumbers and then dry them and slice them. Keep the slices on your dehydrator racks. You do not need preservatives, chemicals, or blanching involved in this process. You just need to slice them. The dehydrator should not be more than 125 degrees. It will take almost 4 hours to be completely dehydrated. The time depends on the humidity and the temperature of the room. 

The cucumbers have to be leathery after getting dried. You just have to put the dried cucumbers into a blender and make powder. 

The health benefits of cucumber vegetable powder

Cucumber is very good for our health. It has nutritional value and can be consumed daily. It contains vitamins C, and D, potassium, manganese, and magnesium. 

Cucumber works as one of the best antioxidants which reduce the risk of cancer and autoimmune diseases. It also keeps our hearts and lungs healthy. The calorie count is very low in cucumber but it is rich in fiber. It helps immensely to lose weight. Many types of research have shown that it also reduces the risk of blood sugar

If you start adding cucumber powder to your regular meals, you’ll get to realize how to use it. You just have a couple of teaspoons and enjoy all the health benefits.

When you are making cucumber powder, do not peel them because that’s the powerhouse of nutrients. 

You can use cucumber powder as salad dressing, or you can add them to your soup and morning smoothies. 

How to make and use ginger vegetable powder?

The process of making ginger powder is the same as cucumber powder. If you are using an Excalibur dehydrator, then keep the heat up to 90 degrees. It will take about 2 hours to dry completely. Once the ginger is dehydrated, blend it to make powder. 

If you want to check if the ginger pieces are completely dried, you have to taste the chunks. If they are easily breakable, then this is the time you blend them into powder. 

What are the health benefits of ginger vegetable powder?

Ginger is a beneficial vegetable for our health. It contains only 408 calories in one tablespoon which is very less. It gives 11gms protein, 12gms of dietary fiber, .05gms fat, and 1gm sugar. 

There are many medicinal benefits of ginger. It contains gingerol which helps in digestion. Ginger reduces nausea and common flu and cold. It also helps in weight loss, osteoarthritis, and heart disease. 

Ginger can be used in many beverages. It goes well with cookies and daily smoothies. Ginger is used in almost all Indian cuisines. 

How to make and use green onion vegetable powder?

Wash the onions and cut the root off. If there is any damaged section, remove them all. Now dehydrate the pieces at 95 degrees. It takes a little longer for the white part to be thicker. When dried completely, blend them to powder. 

What are the health benefits of green onion vegetable powder?

Green onion is a staple food in almost all regions. It is popular mostly because of the added flavor it provides. Onions also have many health benefits. 

Onions are cholesterol-free, fat-free, sugar-free, and low-calorie vegetables. Moreover, it gives a pungent flavor to the recipes. It keeps bone health healthy and takes care of the digestion processes. Green onion also reduces the risk of blood clotting as it contains vitamin K in it. When you are aging your chances of osteoporosis can be reduced by consuming onions as a part of your daily meal.

There are many ways to use onion powder. You can add it to soups and salads for garnish. It goes well with dips and adds flavor to them. You can use them in taco and potato salad as well. 

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