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Dalila Bela

Dalila Bela was born in Montreal, Canada. Not only does she have two younger brothers named Bruce and Raphael, but she also has two younger brothers named Benjamin and Raphael, who are also performers. 

While she was relocating, she was nominated for a Young Artist Award for her participation in a direct-to-video movie entitled The Stranger, which was released shortly after her relocation. In both 2011 and 2012, she won the award for her role in Joanna Makes a Friend and was given the trophy for the third time in 2013 for another role in the same film.

Dalila Bela
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People have also commended her work in the 2015 film Dead Hearts at the Diabolique Film Festival, where she was awarded an award for her role as Lola Littleton. Diana Barry, an older woman from Prince Edward Island, is based on the Anne of Green Gable’s character created by Canadian author Lucy Maud Montgomery.

Dalila Bela’s rapid success in landing an agent in her hometown stemmed from her talent, and she has long been a natural entertainer. The family chose to move to Vancouver to succeed, where they found new professional opportunities for themselves and made Dalila (who they now enjoyed) a frequent presence in commercials, movies, and television.

Additionally, she has been in several major films, including the blockbuster comedy-drama franchise Diary of a Wimpy Kid; the horror picture Red Riding Hood; the sequel to the 1992 picture Grave Encounters, which is called Grave Encounters 2; other noteworthy film credits include work on the ABC TV series Once Upon a Time; on the CW network’s The 100, Mr. Young role in the television movie Fairly Odd Christmas. Before appearing in the season two episode of The Adventure Club, she had appeared as the lead in a previous episode.

This time, Dalila Bela shared the spotlight with Billy Zane and Kim Coates. Sara was hugely successful in increasing her recognition at the White House after appearing in a PBS/TVO series called Odd Squad. As a result, she was allowed to participate in the White House Easter Egg Hunt the following spring.

She was nominated for the Young Artist Awards every year from 2001 to 2004, including the first year she was nominated. And for her outstanding work in her earliest role as a seven-year-old Russian child in The Stranger, in which she was a winner of the coveted Young Artist Prize, she earned her trophy even earlier in life by bringing home the award in her debut film, when she was only seven years old. Dalila was chosen for Best Actress at the Diabolique International Film Festival for her work in the short film Dead Hearts, which is a story about a little blind girl who lives in a world where all of the citizens can see and where everyone but her sees the dead as their hearts still beat. 

Additionally, she was nominated for an LEO Award for her main role in the short film Joanna Makes a Friend, which won an award at the LEO Film Festival. Additionally, she was nominated for a 2016 Canadian Screen Award in Toronto for her performance as Agent Olive in the first season of Odd Squad and the 2016 Imagen Foundation Award in Los Angeles for her work on the character Unifex. Dalila had a goal of giving back and was a part of the Career Foundation, which gives summer camp scholarships to children from families of lower socioeconomic positions in Los Angeles.

Although Dalila Bela is fully aware of the long hours and personal sacrifices required to pursue a career in the acting business, she remains optimistic and accepts each new opportunity. By raising her spirit of drive and dedication, she challenges her unusual behavior. Dalila has the desire to see the world, so when she’s not working, she enjoys a variety of activities, including learning to play an instrument, singing, reading, writing creative nonfiction, and being a big sister to her two younger brothers.

As a complement to Dalila, we may state that she has numerous dreams, including the desire to pursue a singing career, a book-writing career, a screenplay-writing career, and a directorial career. Additionally, the third season of Anne with an E, for which Dalila served as the primary producer, is now completed for CBC and Netflix.

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