15 Best TV Shows Filmed in NYC

shows filmed in nyc

New York City is widely regarded as one of the most important cultural and media hubs in the United States. Naturally, this has made it an ideal setting for a variety of television shows. Over the years, NYC has served as the backdrop to several critically acclaimed and award-winning shows. Here are 15 of the best television shows filmed in NYC:

1. Sex and the City is one of the most popular shows filmed in NYC(1998-2004);

An iconic show that was shot on location throughout the city. The four main characters make use of their surroundings to provide some hysterical sight gags and moments of shock.

2. Friends is one of the most watched and loved shows filmed in NYC(1994-2004);

A sitcom about a group of friends living in a Greenwich Village apartment in New York, it was shot on location in Manhattan. From the streets of the Upper West Side to the Central Park boathouse – the show took advantage of some of NYC’s most recognizable landmarks.

3. Seinfeld is one of the best shows filmed in NYC (1989-1998);

Set primarily in the Upper West Side of Manhattan, the show was filmed in various locations around the city. One episode even found the gang exploring the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

4. Law and Order is one of the most popular shows filmed in NYC (1990-2010);

This long-running crime drama was filmed on location throughout the city. With iconic police stations and cityscapes, it is one of the most authentic depictions of NYC on television.

5. The West Wing is one of the best shows filmed in NYC (1999-2006);

The political drama starred some of the city’s biggest names and was filmed at various locations around the city. From the New York Stock Exchange to the Washington Square Park fountain – you got to see many of the city’s best landmarks.

6. Saturday Night Live is one of the very loved shows filmed in NYC (1975-present); 

The most beloved sketch comedy show of all time, SNL has been filmed in NYC since its inception. The show makes use of the city streets and parks to create memorable and hilarious skits.

7. 30 Rock is one of the best shows filed in NYC (2006-2013);

The office/sitcom starring Tina Fey was filmed primarily in Rockefeller Plaza – giving audiences a real-time view of the city’s hustle and bustle.

8. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the favorite shows filmed in NYC(2017-present);

A clever period comedy set in the late 1950s, the show makes great use of the city’s historically preserved neighborhoods. From the Bowery to Astoria – the show creates an authentic portrayal of a beloved era.

9. Mad Men is one of the most famous shows filmed in NYC (2007-2015);

This critically acclaimed AMC show was shot entirely in NYC. From the stately apartment buildings of the Upper East Side to iconic Midtown office vistas, the show provides viewers with a stunningly realistic portrayal of Manhattan living.

10. Broad City is one of the very popular shows filmed in NYC(2014-2019);

A staple of New York City culture and humor, the show was filmed around various neighborhoods of Manhattan and Brooklyn. From Union Square Park to the paintings in the Brooklyn Museum – the show takes viewers through the city’s diverse offerings.

11. Billions is one the best shows filmed in NYC (2016-present);

Set in the cutthroat world of Wall Street, the show makes use of the city’s financial landmarks. It also takes viewers to lush penthouses and some of the most iconic neighborhoods Manhattan has to offer.

12. The Blacklist is one of the best shows filmed in NYC(2013-present);

The show is a fun, suspenseful thrill ride – but it’s also a great way to see some of NYC’s iconic neighborhoods. From Central Park to the Brooklyn Bridge, this show greatly uses the city’s beauty.

13. Girls is one of the most popular shows filmed in NYC (2012-2017);

The show offered a unique look into the lives of twentysomething women living in the city. From the cramped apartments of Bushwick to the art scene of Williamsburg – the show offers a realistic portrayal of navigating the city’s various cultures.

14. Suffragette City is one of the top-rated shows filmed in NYC (2020);

A new miniseries depicting key moments in the fight for women’s suffrage – the show was filmed on location at various spots around the city.

15. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is one of the best shows filmed in NYC(2015-19);

This quirky comedy was shot at various locations around New York City, providing viewers with a fun look at its vibrant nightlife, subcultural spots, and hidden dining gems.


In its centuries-long existence, NYC has served as an iconic backdrop to some of the most popular television shows of all time. From iconic dramas to modern comedies, the city’s unique energy and beauty have been captured time and time again on the small screen. The shows outlined here are just a few of the many beloved programs that have used NYC as its setting – and they are just a few of the many that are sure to come.

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