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When A Woman Was Left With No Choice

Escort services are legal in the United Kingdom. There are several reasons why a lot of women in the UK turn to escort servicing. Each and every one of them has its own personal reasons. Some of them join the industry by choice, but some of them were just forced to do so.

The main reason why these women decided to make this difficult decision in their lives is an economic necessity. They wanted to earn more money hoping to take them out of poverty sooner or later.

Why Women Turn To Escorting

Lack of advantages left these women with no choice but just being part of this escort servicing industry. It is an undeniable fact that still, the root of these reasons is “money”. Lack of money or the need for money are the reasons why a lot of women chose to do this work in spite of possible risks.

These were the following reasons why women turn to escort servicing:


Women were attracted by the high amount of money that escort service offers. This is the main reason why a lot of women chose to be an escort. To earn money to lift up their economic status and to be able to eat at least three decent meals a day is their ultimate goal. 


Most family breadwinners turn into this job not just to support their own needs, but to support the needs of their family as well. Some were forced to do so because of terminally ill family members or because of unexpected hospitalization of loved ones and they needed a large amount of money.


Others turn into escorting as their supplementary income aside from their current jobs to pay off unending debts. There are women who turn to escorting to pay for their college tuition fees, hoping to finish their studies someday.

Drugs, Abuse, and Violence

Some wanted to earn more to sustain their vices and addictions. But others were just poor victims of abuse and violence. Because of the dark past and unwanted experiences, they thought that turning into escort servicing will never change a thing.

Social Status

There are women who just want to improve their life status. There are people who felt disappointed realizing that in spite of long years of spending at school, they still don’t get the salary they wanted doing their decent jobs. They thought that turning into an escort service was the best option they got.

Women Who Turn To Escorting

There are escorts in London who are well-educated and come from middle-class families and there are also women who have at least a decent job before.

There are factory and industry workers who most of the time go home late at night and became victims of sexual abuse, sometimes by the men around them, or people they know. There are some who quit their jobs because they are overworked, but still, they are underpaid.

But most of these women are family breadwinners, working students, single mothers, and victims of abuse and rape, looking for ways to earn more money.

As the world is facing a crisis nowadays, the pandemic pushes more of these people into hopeless and distressful poverty. Do not generalize or judge women who became part of this industry. They are just doing what they ought to do to fulfill their responsibility to themselves and to their loved ones.

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