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Port Stanley Cat Rescue
Port Stanley Cat Rescue Needs Your Help

We accomplished our task!

Thank you everyone who sponsored our project to qualify for a Fueling Communities Grant from Dowler-Karn. We reached our required number of 50 sponsors in one week, thanks to our supporters!

Their selection process is now underway and a Bursary Review Committee will review 131 worthy community initiatives who qualified for the $75,000 giveaway grant. Grant recipients will be announced before September 31st, 2018 and winners of a random draw of 10, $500 Bursaries daily from August 27th-September 7, 2018. It will be posted on their website www.DowlerKarn.com and their FaceBook page.

Thanks again,
Port Stanley Cat Rescue.

Port Stanley Cat Rescue Needs Your Help

Port Stanley Cat Rescue needs your help in securing a grant from Dowler-Karns 75th Anniversary FUELING COMMUNITIES $75,000 GIVE-AWAY. Dowler Karn is giving grants to various worthwhile community projects in Southwestern Ontario. In order to qualify for a Dowler-Karn grant Port Stanley Cat Rescue needs sponsors with absolutely no financial commitment to show their support by clicking on this link https://dowlerkarn.com/contestants/port-stanley-cat-rescue/ to show support for our project. Port Stanley Cat Rescue needs at least 25 persons to register to get under $2000 or 50 sponsors to guarantee $2000 by the deadline this Thursday, August 17th.

About Port Stanley Cat Rescue

Port Stanley Cat Rescue is a registered non-profit charity dedicated to the welfare of stray and abandoned cats in Port Stanley and area. Our funding consists of garage sales, homemade jam sales, trade shows and some funding from generous donors and one grant donation of $500. We average 60-70 cat rescues a year for our small community but it has made a difference. Many abandoned cats have found loving homes through our alliance with a PetSmart in London, injured cats have been medically treated and re-homed and feral cats spayed or neutered, vaccinated and released with a food source provided by our volunteers. The cost of vet fees, medication and food reached over $13,500 last year and our donations and fund raising efforts helped cover some of the costs but the balance comes from volunteers' own pocket. Your support for our cat rescue will help us continue our efforts and prevent the spread of unwanted cats in our community and save a feline's life!

Last Updated: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 09:03:12 AM EST

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