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by Doug Harvey
Our Perfect Place

Summer is almost over but those warm sunny days still come and go. Watching the seasons change is a pastime for more people than you would think. Port residents, and all kinds of tourists, many that come from close by towns, some even from other countries, all come looking for a chance to witness firsthand our perfect place. In good weather, or not, they come, if your not sure, be a witness, take a look from a great vantage point, Port Stanley's turnaround on a weekend, and you'll see.

Looking out upon the water is what some people say is an addictive trait, it seems to take hold on your very first visit, and then, never lets go. I can't help but believe that to be true, as I also live with that addiction one day at a time.

The weather always seems to provide that forever changing view that keeps everyone who takes a look satisfied. From silent still water, calming waves breaking on the shoreline, to gale force winds creating waves that seem to dance in the distance, varieties of that vision that all need to be remembered somehow.

History tells us that water has always been a place where people met, lived, worked, and played giving life to all those close by. So when I see people in Port spending time close to the water, I can't help but feel happy to have had that privilege of sharing a perfect place called Port Stanley.

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