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November 8, 2018

The letter writer about travel has some interesting tales of woe. I sympathize with him. But I have found another solution. Use a travel agent.

A local travel agent has your interests at heart. They want you to come back happy, satisfied and eager to engage them again. I have used a travel agent for most of my travel for the last 30 years. When you book a hotel, resort, tours, or a cruise you don't pay a dime for their services. Innumerable times I have saved money, saved from booking errors, received assistance in disputes and help when things go awry. Think about it, wouldn't you like someone you could call when you miss a connection, the ship doesn't sail on time, the resort doesn't recognize you, you fall ill, or you want an unvarnished opinion about some aspect of your travel? It may be old fashioned compared with the glitz of the internet, but it works!

D. McCarthy

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