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August 18, 2019
The accompanying photograph shows cakes of ice left behind on the platform of the L&PS station after a massive flood in the 1920s.

We are now experiencing lake levels in excess of any previously recorded data. Obviously, new threats to property and infrastructure need to be addressed. Council already seems to have made up its mind by choosing a break wall near the mouth of the inner harbour.

It should be noted that the problem of flooding in the village comes from two directions, not one. There is ample photographic evidence to show the damage that has been done in the past when a winter thaw sent torrents of ice and water down Kettle Creek. Ultimately, the ice jams were flushed out into the lake and the flooding subsided.

What will happen if the ice is held back by a barrier at the mouth of the harbour? The price tag of a major flood such as the ones experienced in the past century and a half would far exceed the $500,000 expenditure mandated by council.

If we end up with the perfect storm——-higher lake levels than we have yet experienced, a very cold winter followed by a sudden thaw and a barrier at the end of the harbour——we might regret the solution council has adopted.

Frank and Nancy Prothero

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