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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Seniors Softball Shedden, Pirates, And Sailors Win Big

by Doug Harvey
Shedden, Pirates, And Sailors Win Big

The thirteenth set of games of the 2017 Port Stanley Senior Softball season were held Friday, July 14th in mainly cloudy skies, with temperatures rising over the day to 25 degrees Celsius, a Humidex of 33 and the wind from the West at 20 km/h. Today was set as a rain date for games that were to be played on June 23, 2017.

With twenty-five playing dates this season, today was the halfway mark of the season, and the wear and tear on the players this season is starting to show. Some teams that started well this season are now losing big time, and others are taking advantage of this performance loss, so it's hard to say what team will come out on top this year.

In Game 1 Shedden got the first and only run in the first, while the Blues came on strong in the second with four and took back that early lead. With Shedden playing well and the Blues making a few errors, Shedden managed a steady stream of runs starting with two in the third, one in the fourth which tied the game, four in the fifth, and finally two in the sixth. In the bottom of the sixth the Blues did manage to get one more single run, and then stalled giving an easy win to Shedden with a final score of Shedden 10 - Blues 5.

In Game 2 the Pirates game seems to be getting better, the reason I think begins with the amount of time they spend on forming a game strategy. With the proof being a consistent collection of points starting with two in the first, five in the second, three in the fourth, one in the fifth, and finally two in the sixth, while Boxall got one run in bottom of the sixth to get on the scoreboard. The Pirates managed another run in the ninth taking an easy win with a final score of Pirates 14 - Boxall 1.

In Game 3 the Sailors seemed to be playing like the Pirates did in the game before because the results were so similar. The Sailors began with two in the first, two in the third, three in the fifth, one in the sixth, one in the seventh, and finally one in the eighth to lead by ten. In the ninth the Maroons had a breakthrough finally getting on the scoreboard with four big ones, but it was a matter of too little, too late giving the win to the Sailors with a final score of Sailors 10 - Maroons 4.


Port Stanley Senior Softball 2017 Standings

Team Games Wins Losses Ties Points
Sailors 13 8 4 1 17
Boxall 13 7 5 1 15
Pirates 13 7 5 1 15
Maroons 13 6 6 1 13
Blues 13 5 8 0 10
Shedden 13 4 9 0 8

Last Updated: Friday, 14 July 2017 17:37:33 PM EST

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