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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Seniors Softball Pirates Win 6-5 Over Boxall, Sailors Win 10-2 Over Blues, Shedden Wins 11-10 Over Maroons

by Doug Harvey
Pirates Win 65 Over Boxall, Sailors Win 102 Over Blues, Shedden Wins 1110 Over Maroons

The twentieth set of games of the 2018 Port Stanley Senior Softball season were held Wednesday, September, 5th, 2018 in mainly sunny skies with temperatures rising to 32 degrees Celsius. The UV index was at 7 or high and the Humidex was at 42. Todays games were tough on the players mostly due to a Heat Warning that was in effect for Elgin County. The 2nd and 3rd games today played only seven innings because of the heat.

In Game 1 Boxall took the early lead in the first inning with three runs, while the Pirates only managed two. In the fourth inning the Pirates stole the lead by sending three players around the bases, and then added a single run in the seventh to end leading 6-3. Boxall tried to catch the Pirates with single runs in the eighth and ninth inning, but fell short by one which gave the win to the Pirates with a final score of Pirates 6 - Boxall 5.

In Game 2 the Sailors managed to send four players around the bases in the first inning to take the lead, continued with another two runs in the third, and then finally adding another three runs in the fourth. While the Sailors were leading by nine, the Blues remained scoreless until the fifth inning when on an error managed two runs, now it was 9-2. The Sailors added another single run in the seventh to win the game with a final score of Sailors 10 - Blues 2.

In Game 3 both teams got on the scoreboard in the first inning with the Maroons on top with five big ones while Shedden trailed behind with just a single run. Shedden added a single run in the third, and two in the fourth, while the Maroons extended their lead to eight with three runs. Shedden came back in the fifth to tie the game by sending four players around the bases. The game remained tied right to the end of the seventh inning which led to a decision to play an extra inning. The Maroons were on top with two for awhile in the extra inning, but Shedden managed three when it was there turn to take the win with a final score of Shedden 11 - Maroons 10.


Port Stanley Senior Softball 2018 Standings

Team Games Wins Losses Ties Points
Pirates 20 15 5 0 30
Shedden 20 13 7 0 26
Sailors 20 10 10 0 20
Boxall 20 9 10 1 19
Blues 20 8 11 1 17
Maroons 20 4 16 0 8

Last Updated: Wednesday, 05 September 2018 18:11:53 PM EST

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