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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Seniors Softball Only One Game Left - Shedden over Blues, Pirates over Boxall, Maroons over Sailors

by Doug Harvey
Only One Game Left  Shedden over Blues, Pirates over Boxall, Maroons over Sailors

The twenty-fourth set of games of the 2017 Port Stanley Senior Softball season were held Wednesday, September, 6th in partly cloudy skies, with temperatures rising over the day to 20 degrees Celsius, and the wind from the West at 14 km/h.

In Game 1 Shedden took the early lead in the first with three runs, two in the third, three in the fourth, and two in the fifth, while the Blues remained scoreless. The Blues in these last few games seem to have lost their edge that the team had at the beginning of the season, and hopefully with a little luck, things will change for next season. In the sixth Shedden came on strong sending five men around the bases, and finally just a single run in the seventh to easily take the win with a final score of Shedden 16 - Blues 0.

In Game 2 the Pirates took the early lead in the first with two runs, while the Sailors only managed a single run. In the second the Pirates extended their lead by another two runs, while Boxall tried to catch up, got only a single run in the fourth. The Pirates pulled ahead by another three runs in the seventh to finish with a score of 7-2. With two innings left, Boxall still had a chance at a win but only managed three runs in the ninth giving the win to the Pirates with a final score of Pirates 7 - Boxall 5

In Game 3 the Maroons took the early lead with four runs, while the Sailors settled for two in the first, and another four in the third giving them the lead for a single inning. In the fourth the Maroons again captured the lead for an inning by sending another five around the bases, but the lead changed to a tie in the fifth with the Maroons adding two and the Sailors adding five. The sixth inning gave the Maroons that extra four runs to take the lead, while the Sailors could only find three in the seventh. The Maroons got a single run in the eighth and ninth to coast to the win with a final score of Maroons 17 - Sailors 14.


Port Stanley Senior Softball 2017 Standings

Team Games Wins Losses Ties Points
Pirates 24 16 7 1 33
Boxall 24 12 11 1 25
Shedden 24 12 12 0 24
Sailors 24 11 12 1 23
Maroons 24 10 13 1 21
Blues 24 9 15 0 18
Last Updated: Wednesday, 06 September 2017 16:52:18 PM EST

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