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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Port Stanley Sailors Jr Hockey Hawks Win Fourth Playoff 5-3 Over Sailors

by Doug Harvey
Hawks Win Fourth Playoff 53 Over Sailors

On Saturday, February 17th, 2018 the Port Stanley Sailors played their sixth game of seven in the Provincial Junior Hockey League Playoffs against the Exeter Hawks at the Port Stanley Arena. So far in this quarter final playoff series, Exeter is leading three games to two putting the Sailors in that win this game or your finished for this season.

In every hockey game that's played in these amateur leagues the most important aspect for the players playing is the expectation that the referee's control the game fairly. Penalties are the tools that referees are expected to use in a reasonable manner and given out to all players that break the rules in the same manner during any regular season or playoff game. I go to almost every home game that the Sailors play, and really enjoy watching a good fair game, but that doesn't seem to happen all the time. I don't go to these games to watch players fight or try to hurt one another, because I expect the referees to control the game by using penalties fairly. When someone gets tripped by a player, that deserves a penalty, when someone charges at a player and rams that player into the boards with a stick held by two hands above the waist, that deserves a penalty before some player ends up with a permanent injury, after all this is amateur hockey. If players are fighting, well to be fair both winners and losers deserve penalties, all fighting players no exceptions permitted. With a referee and two linesmen at every game, one would expect a game to be monitored in such a way that encouraged fair play and disciplined all players equally, but that doesn't seem to happen at every game. So as a past amateur hockey player that got injured in an out of control game a long time ago, I offer the league some advice, promote a higher standard for your referees because your fans don't come to watch a game that's out of control and unfair because of bad referees, they come to watch a fair action packed hockey game.

The Exeter Hawks got the first goal of the game at 5:46 of the first period on a power play with David Norris (12) scoring, assisted by Jonathon Frook (23), and Nick Overholt (21). Sailors Tyler Foslett (9) scored an unassisted goal at 8:34 to tie the game. In the last minute of the period at 19:06 on another power play, Exeter's Max Bannon (5), assisted by Ian Vandenheuvel (7), and Jon Baker (14) gave the Hawks a one goal lead for the period. Shots on goal for the period were Exeter Hawks 13 - Port Stanley Sailors 8.

In the second period the Hawks extended their lead by two starting at 12:58 with Austin Carter (16) scoring, assisted by David Norris (12), and Nolan Koetsier (10), and the second at 14:28 with credits going to Alex Bishop (22) assisted by Tyler Merner (15). Shots on goal for the period were Exeter Hawks 15 - Port Stanley Sailors 13.

The Sailors went into the third period down by three, but took to the ice still determined to give everything they had to get back into the game. At 2:26 Port Stanley's Tyler Simon (25) scored the Sailors second goal of the evening with Tyler Kippax (13) assisting. Exeter's Jon Baker (14) interrupted Port Stanley's comeback at 9:46 scoring the Hawks fifth goal, assisted by Austin Carter (16). The final goal of the game was on another power play, this time by Sailors Tyler Foslett (9) scoring his second goal of the evening assisted by Kyle Hopper (16). Time ran out leaving the Sailors down by two giving the win to Exeter with a final score of Exeter Hawks 5 - Port Stanley Sailors 3 , and the quarter final playoffs win four games to two. Shots on goal for the period were Exeter Hawks 12 - Port Stanley Sailors 17.

First Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 6 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 25 min
Second Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 4 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 4 min
Third Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 8 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 20 min
Exeter Hawks 18 minutes on 9 infractions - Port Stanley Sailors 49 minutes on 17 infractions

Shots On Goal Exeter Hawks 40 - Port Stanley Sailors 38

1ST STAR: Tyler Foslett, (9) (Port Stanley Sailors)
2ND STAR: Ryan Langford, (1) (Port Stanley Sailors)
3RD STAR: Dak Johnstone, (7) (Port Stanley Sailors)



Team Games Played Wins Losses Points PCT
Lambeth 4 4 0 8 1.000
Dorchester 5 4 1 8 .800
Exeter 6 4 2 8 .667
North Middlesex 6 4 2 8 .667
Port Stanley 6 2 4 4 .333
Thamesford 6 2 4 4 .333
Mt. Brydges 5 1 4 2 .200
Aylmer 4 0 4 0 .000

Last Updated: Thursday, 03 May 2018 16:14:44 PM EST

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