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by Doug Harvey
Exeter Hawks Win 76 Over Port Stanley Sailors

On Saturday, October 21st, 2017 the Port Stanley Sailors played game eleven of the season against the Exeter Hawks at the Port Stanley Arena. This game against the Hawks should be a rough game, and the winner will be decided on who takes the most shots on goal as these two teams are ranked equal in this years standings.

The Hawks with some rough aggressive playing seemed to dominate the entire first period scoring three goals and leaving the Sailors scoreless. Exeter's first goal at 6:10 was scored by Adam Gibb (19), assisted by Justin McCarter (25), and Austin Carter (16). The second at 9:20 was scored by Jonathon Frook (23), assisted by Drake Jefferson (24) (APM), and the third at 12:06 scored by Evan Hayter (13), with Drake Jefferson (24) (APM), and Jonathon Frook (23) assisting. The sad part about this game was the lack of penalties, even though the game was just as rough as game ten last week where a total of 44 infractions were called, the Referee's seemed to have a blind eye when it came to calling penalties for this game as this game only had a total of 7 infractions for the whole game. Inexperienced Referee's can cause unnecessary injuries to players by not maintaining control of a game, this is after all an amateur league.

Sailors finally got on the scoreboard at 5:41 of the second period with credit going to Tyler Foslett (9), and assists to Nolan Blewett (13), and Dawson Cook (24). Less than two minutes later at 7:39, Exeter's Jon Baker (14) while shorthanded managed to score the Hawks fourth for the evening, with assists going to Max Bannon (5), and Daniel Berek (17). With some fast passes on a power play less than a minute later Sailors Nolan Blewett (13) scored Port Stanley's second goal with assists going to Kyle Hopper (16), and Dawson Cook (24). Sailors third goal at 12:52 was scored by Lane Westgate (23), assisted by Derek Smith (10). Exeter seemed to take control of the rest of the second period when Hawks Ian Vandenheuvel (7) scored number five at 13:46, assisted by Jonathon Frook (23). The sixth on a power play at 15:13 by Austin Carter (16), assisted by Andrew Martin (18), and Jon Baker (14), and the seventh at 15:37 on another power play by Daniel Berek (17), assisted by Jon Baker(14).

Rough play continued into the third period with the Sailors this time taking control of the game keeping the Hawks scoreless while trying to overcome a four point disadvantage. At 2:03 Port Stanley's Tyler Foslett (9) scored the Sailors fourth goal, assisted by Dawson Cook (24). The fifth went in at 6:58 on a power play with credits going to Nolan Blewett (13), assisted by Mack Tufford (8), and Dawson Cook (24), and the sixth at 11:34 scored by Eric Scherer (21) assisted by Tyler Simon (25), and Dawson Maton (18). In the last 8:26 of the game Port Stanley tried to make that tying goal, even pulling the goalie in the last 90 seconds for that extra man, but missed out on that last goal for a tie giving the win to the Hawks with a final score of Exeter Hawks 7 - Port Stanley 6.

First Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 0 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 0 min
Second Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 6 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 6 min
Third Period Penalties - Exeter Hawks 2 Min - Port Stanley Sailors 0 min
Exeter Hawks 8 minutes on 4 infractions - Port Stanley Sailors 6 minutes on 3 infraction

Shots On Goal Exeter Hawks 48 - Port Stanley Sailors 40

1ST STAR: Daniel Berek (17), (Exeter Hawks)
2ND STAR: Jonathon Frook (23), (Exeter Hawks)
3RD STAR: Jon Baker (14), (Exeter Hawks)



Team Games Played Wins Losses Ties OTL YECK Points WPCT
Lambeth 12 10 2 0 0 20 .833
Dorchester 12 8 3 0 1 17 .708
Thamesford 13 8 5 0 0 16 .615
Exeter 11 7 4 0 0 14 .636
Port Stanley 11 7 4 0 0 14 .636
North Middlesex 12 5 5 0 2 12 .500
Mt.Brydges 12 3 8 0 1 7 .292
Aylmer 11 3 8 0 0 6 .273
Lucan 12 2 10 0 0 4 .167

Last Updated: Sunday, 22 October 2017 11:19:27 AM EST

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