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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Regional Fanshawe tops in graduation and employment rates


Karrie Burke, Communications Officer, Fanshawe College
Fanshawe tops in graduation and employment rates

London, Ontario - According to recently released Key Performance Indicators (KPI) survey results, Fanshawe students excel at finding employment upon graduation. The College's graduate employment rate of 87 per cent ranks first among all large colleges in the province.

Fanshawe's overall graduation rate of 70.4 per cent also places first among large colleges in Ontario and exceeds the provincial average of 66.6 per cent. Graduation rates of 67.6 per cent and 72.0 percent for two and three-year diploma programs far surpass the provincial average of 64.6 and 60.8 per cent, respectively.

"Fanshawe is committed to providing leading-edge programs and preparing students for careers that meet the labour market needs of today and the future," says Fanshawe President Peter Devlin. "We are pleased these results indicate we are doing a great job and we continue to look for ways to improve."

The annual KPI survey is an important resource used by potential students as they look to make informed choices about where they wish to study. It also allows colleges to gauge their success and identify opportunities for improvement.

When surveyed six months after graduation, 79 per cent of Fanshawe alumni report being pleased with their college education – a number that is also above the provincial average.

The College continues to serve its students well, resulting in a student satisfaction rate of 77.7 per cent, also first among large colleges.

One way Fanshawe excels at providing services to students is through its Career Services department. In a recent study conducted by PSE Information Systems, the department was ranked the most impressive model in Canadian colleges for the extensive services available to students and alumni.

Darlene O'Neill, Senior Manager of Employment and Entrepreneurial Services for Fanshawe, credits Fanshawe's annual Ignite Career Conference as one of the major distinguishing factors when compared against other institutions. "Fanshawe is quite proud of the model we have developed as it keeps several different departments working smoothly together: Career Services, Co-op, Entrepreneurial Services and Community Employment," she says. "Combined, all these services make the difference for local students, alumni and the community."

Fanshawe's KPI results are available at http://www.fanshawec.ca/kpi and the results from all 24 colleges in Ontario can be found at www.collegesontario.org.

About the survey

Annually since 1998, provincial KPI data has been gathered for Ontario colleges and for the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development using the following key performance indicators: graduate outcomes (employment); graduate satisfaction; employer satisfaction; student satisfaction; and graduation rate. The most recent data was collected from June 2016 to February 2017.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 April 2017 15:26:00 PM EST

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