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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Regional DON'T "D.I.S.S." YOUR DRIVING DUTY Distracted/Impaired/Speed/Seat Belts

Sergeant David S. Rektor, OPP
DON'T DISS YOUR DRIVING DUTY DistractedImpairedSpeedSeat Belts

London, ON - West Region Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is announcing a concerted effort to help in the reduction of injury and death collisions across the Region this year. This two part plan highlights policing assets aimed at targeting bad driving behavior and encouraging voluntary compliance of all the rules of the road. The second part of the plan will focus on empowering passengers and community members to call-out bad drivers. The over-all objective is to make roadways safer for everyone.

In 2016, West Region OPP investigated 105 fatal collisions which claimed the life of 111 people. Compared to the Provincial total of 307 fatalities, West Region drivers attributed to 33% of the total. West Region comes in second to the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in the total number of collisions and leads the province in Distracted, Impaired and Seat Belt violations.

The "Big 4" causal factors of death and injury on our highways remain; Distracted Driving, Impaired Driving, Aggressive Driving and Failure to wear Seat Belts. In fact during 2016 over 30% of the fatal collisions investigated in West Region involved unrestrained occupants. The simple act of seat belt compliance would have reduced the number of dead by one third.

Ontarians need to realize that it is the "Big 4" causation factors that are causing injury and death to occur on roadways. Weather, road conditions, traffic congestion, police enforcement and highway engineering are NOT causal factors! Bad driving behavior is THE causal factor of every injury and death that occurred in West Region and is 100% preventable.

We are resolved to stay the course with respect to enforcement and education. We are committed to working with the media and our community road safety partners to help us get the messages out. We will do our part and will only see a positive change when drivers start doing their part and changing bad driving behavior.

  • What we are doing;
  • Public Awareness: The OPP has a tremendous history of working with our media partners, schools and road safety partners to promote road safety. We will continue to work in concert with all stakeholders to help promote safety messaging and awareness related to good driving practices. We continue to utilize traditional and social media to communicate safety messaging to the public.
  • Analytics: We are utilizing statistical analysis of traffic related data, including reporting on trends and projections to better assist us in the deployment resources regionally. This information allows us to perform targeted enforcement on areas where injury and death are most prevalent.
  • Integrated Investigation: Collisions involving serious injury and death receive the benefit of parallel investigation by OPP Technical Traffic Collision Investigators as well as Regional Criminal Investigators to assess whether or not the driver's behaviors strayed into criminal responsibility.
  • Moving Forward;
  • We will continue to maximize technology such as; Automated Licence Plate Recognition (ALPR), Thermal Imaging (FLIR), Unmanned Ariel System (UAS), and OPP Aviation Services to compliment the work of the front-line patrol officers who put their lives on the line each day to make roadways safe.
  • "We continue to explore new and non-traditional enforcement strategies for to assist us in combating the "Big 4" We will do our part for road safety but … we need drivers to do their part! Get rid of all distractions, stay sober, slow down and buckle up." - Traffic Inspector - L. Anderson.
Last Updated: Friday, 07 April 2017 16:50:25 PM EST

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