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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Regional Great Lakes Fishery Commission Honors Dr. Michael Hansen


Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Great Lakes Fishery Commission Honors Dr Michael Hansen
Great Lakes Fishery Commission Commissioner
Dr. Bill Taylor (left) presents Dr. Michael Hansen
with the 2017 Jack Christie/Ken Loftus Award for
Distinguished Scientific Contributions toward
Understanding Healthy Great Lakes Ecosystems.
Photo: T. Lawrence, GLFC.

Duluth, Minnesota - The Great Lakes Fishery Commission, during its 62nd annual meeting earlier this month, presented Dr. Michael Hansen with the 2017 Jack Christie/Ken Loftus Award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions toward Understanding Healthy Great Lakes Ecosystems. Commissioner Dr. Bill Taylor, Distinguished Professor in Global Fisheries Systems at Michigan State University, presented Dr. Hansen with the award, noting Dr. Hansen's numerous significant scientific contributions throughout his distinguished career that have led to improved Great Lakes fisheries.

The award, which the Commission presents annually to those who have made major scientific contributions to Great Lakes ecosystems, honors the legacy of Jack Christie and former Commissioner Ken Loftus, two renowned fishery scientists from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.

Said Commissioner Taylor: "Dr. Hansen has been and remains a prominent leader in the Great Lakes fishery community. He exudes energy, enthusiasm, and vitality as he engages other fishery professionals in research and management endeavors. He has lead in the development of new ways of thinking, learning, and discovery which has resulted in needed insights into the changing nature of Great Lakes ecosystems." Taylor continued: "Dr. Hansen's contributions are scientifically impressive, and his breadth of service is vast.

He has held several positions in state, university, and federal fishery resource organizations and management agencies. Dr. Hansen has spent his career ensuring that the Great Lakes fisheries and their ecosystems are healthy and productive. He will forever be one of the basin's most outstanding researchers, educators, international diplomats, and individuals."

"Additionally, Dr. Hansen is one of the world's foremost experts in sea lampreys, lake trout, and large lake fisheries science" Taylor added. "He has authored numerous peer-reviewed publications, many of which remain foundational work for Great Lakes fishery understanding and management. He has taught and mentored thousands of undergraduate students, graduate students and fisheries professionals."

Taylor continued: "Dr. Hansen has been a long time active participant in the Commission's structure and committees as well. In addition to his scientific contributions, he served as a U.S. commissioner for 10 years and during that time frame, he served as both Commission chair and vice-chair. In his capacity as chair, he represented the Commission in testimony to the U.S. Congress regarding Asian carps at a critical time when this invader was garnering daily attention regionally and on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC."

Dr. Hansen's distinguished career has led him to his current position as the Station Supervisor of the Hammond Bay Biological Station, where he uses his profound knowledge of Great Lakes fisheries science to facilitate fisheries research on the Great Lakes facilitating their rehabilitation and sustainable management. Additionally, at Hammond Bay, he supervises USGS and Commission-related staff and projects, and hosts as many as 50 visiting research scientists, students, and technicians each year.

"Perhaps above all," Taylor concluded, "it is the esteem in which Dr. Hansen is held by the fishery community that has led to this award. Contained within the nomination submission by the ten-person group of nominees was the following: ‘We believe Dr. Hansen to be, without exception, an energetic, enthusiastic, positive, hard-working person who cares about others and demands excellence in himself.'"

The Great Lakes Fishery Commission is an international organization established by the United States and Canada through the 1954 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries. The Commission has the responsibility to support fisheries research, control the invasive sea lamprey in the Great Lakes, and facilitate implementation of A Joint Strategic Plan for Management of Great Lakes Fisheries, a provincial, state, and tribal fisheries management agreement.

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