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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  Obituaries A Fond Farewell

by Frank and Nancy Prothero

With the passing of Barb Johnson, Port Stanley sadly bids farewell to a lady who helped make this town what it was, something she did with simple tools--love of family and children, common sense and a conviction that it doesn’t take a lot in this world to achieve happiness.

Barb and Ron Johnson supported every good effort to improve life in this village. They gave a lot and asked little in return.

Barb could happily spend an afternoon on the front deck of their house on George Street, watching the traffic go by and never failing to wave at a passing friend or neighbour. We will never drive by that home again without thinking of the good family that lived there for so many years.

Nobody is going to erect a monument to Barb Johnson to tell the world how she embodied all those characteristics that were, at one time, important in this village. There is no need. She has a family and a community that stand in testimony to her life.

We guess Barb never had a driver’s license but she made up for Ron’s vision problems by guiding his every turn and stop from the passenger seat. We suspect she guided many people in the same way- when to turn and when to stop.

There are not many of her kind left in this village- born in the last years of the Great Depression- a childhood in the years of World War Two- attending the Port Stanley Public School in the 1940s. She serves as a marker for that whole, rapidly dwindling generation.

We extend our condolences to the Johnson-Bolt family.

We extend our condolences to the people of Port Stanley, many of whom may not know what they have lost.

Thank you.
Frank and Nancy Prothero.

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