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Crime Watch

St. Thomas Police Service
Theft Hockey Sticks  Drugs  Intoxication

Theft Sledge Hockey Sticks

April 14th, 2018 - On Wednesday 11 April 2018 a St. Thomas resident put two of his Sledge hockey sticks on his front porch as a sign of respect in memorial for the Humboldt Broncos. When the resident returned on Thursday afternoon he noticed that both items were gone.

The two sledge hockey sticks are described as well used and worn. Both have a black carbon fibre shaft with Warriors printed on the shaft. They each have a wooden blade with Canadian flag tape afixed.

If anyone has informaiton please contact the St. Thomas Police at 519-631-1224 or Crimestoppers.

Drugs - Intoxication

April 14th, 2018 - On Friday April 13th 2018 in the late evening police were called to a local park in the city of St. Thomas due to some suspicious activity. Police investigated and subsequenlty two youths were arrested and charged with possession of a contolled substance. Both youths were subsequenlty released with future court dates.

Later in the evening of April 13 2018 an adult female was arrested for being intoxicated in a public place. She was also on court ordered condtions not to consume alcohol. The female was transported to the St. Thomas Police station and was later released with a future court date.

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