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Crime Watch

St. Thomas Police Service
STPS  Scam  Mischief  Arrests

February 11th, 2019 - Weekend Call Tracker: 101 Calls for Service (between 4 pm Friday and 6 am Monday)

Scam Alert

A local citizen is getting a refund from Google Play after nearly falling victim to an email scam. The incident began when the man received what he thought was an email from his boss at work instructing him to go buy several Google Play gift cards. The phony email instructed the man to scratch off the covering of the user codes located on the back of the cars and simply email the numbers back to his boss. At first glance the email seemed authentic as the name of his boss was correct at the bottom of the email. The male attended a retail outlet and purchased several Google Play gift cards but caught himself just before he completed the transaction. The man thankfully noticed that the email he had been provided did not match his boss’s real email address. The man was able to contact Google Play and get a refund for the cards that he had purchased. St. Thomas Police would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that being asked to buy any kind of gift card whether it be Google Play, ITunes or prepaid credit cards should raise a red flag! If you are asked by someone you know to carry out a similar transaction, pick up the phone and confirm the request. Why are scammers trying to get you to buy gift cards? Because they are almost untraceable! All the scammer needs is the secret code from the back of the card to resell the value of the card on the online black market. The more you know, the better you can protect yourself.


A twenty three year old male has been arrested after trying to break into an ATM machine. The incident occurred Friday evening around 8 pm when a customer pulled up to the ATM vestibule at the TD Canada Trust located at the west end of Talbot Street. The customer called police after seeing a male trying to break into one of the machines. Police arrived on scene and discovered the man had not gotten any money but had removed the front panel from one of the ATM’s exposing several wires. He was taken into custody without incident. The man is charged with one count of Mischief to Property Under $5000 and two counts Breach of Release Conditions. He was later released on a Promise to Appear in Court next Month.

Man Arrested After Breaking into Neighbour’s House

Twenty eight year old Michael Douglas Maginn of St. Thomas was arrested Sunday February 10th after he allegedly broke into a Forest Avenue residence sometime Saturday night. The homeowner returned after a night out to find the back door to his home had been opened. Once inside he discovered several electronics and tools were missing from inside his residence. Suspecting a male that was staying at the house next door to him, the homeowner went to the neighbour’s and located his belongings. Police were contacted and Maginn was taken into custody without incident. Maginn is now charged one count Break, Enter and Theft and two counts Breach of Release Conditions. Maginn was held at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for a court appearance.

Male Arrested For 2017 Assault

A male who is now eighteen years old was arrested by Oxford OPP in Tillsonburg on Sunday February 10th after OPP discovered he was wanted on three separate warrants by St. Thomas Police. The warrants stem from incidents dating back to 2017/2018 where the male was charged as a Youth for Assault, Uttering Threats and Failing to Attend Court. The man was taken into custody after OPP learned of the warrants while dealing with him on an unrelated matter. The male was transported back to St. Thomas where he was held at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for a Youth Court appearance.


Twenty five year old Shaylee Murphy of St. Thomas was arrested on a warrant Sunday February 10th around 2:30 in the afternoon. Officers spotted Murphy on Talbot Street near Mondamin when she was taken into custody. The warrant stems from an incident back in September of 2018 where Murphy allegedly used a stolen credit card at several locations in the city. Murphy is charged on count Possession of Stolen Property and three counts Unauthorized Use of Credit Card. She was held at the Colin McGregor Justice Building for a court appearance.

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