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Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines​
Wind Turbine Company Pushes Ahead

Despite Angry Majority in Dutton Dunwich Wind Turbine Company Pushes Ahead

After trying to deal with a hall filled with angry Dutton Dunwich citizens, at a town hall meeting Invenergy held in July 2015 to talk about their Industrial Wind Turbine plans, the Chicago-based company is trying to save themselves some hassle this year. Taking the coward's way out, Invenergy is holding open houses this week, as a way to meet their mandatory requirements for "Community Engagement" for their proposed Strong Breeze Wind Project. Despite this supposedly calmer format, they may find that the 84% of Dutton Dunwich citizens that voted NO in a referendum in 2014, are still strongly opposed and very upset!

In March 2016, the Province of Ontario, through the Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO), awarded Invenergy a contract to build up to 20 Industrial Wind Turbines in Dutton Dunwich, despite strong opposition from the local Municipal Council. The Ontario Liberals' Green Energy Act had removed the democratic rights of Municipal Government to have a say in the development of renewable energy projects. In September 2016, the Energy Minister announced that Ontario had enough electricity production to meet needs for a decade, and they were suspending further Renewable Energy contracting – this did not however apply to the contracts they had just signed 6 months before, three of which were approved in Unwilling Host communities, North Stormont and The Nation in eastern Ontario, and Dutton Dunwich.

The citizens' opposition group DDOWT, Dutton Dunwich Opponents of Wind Turbines, has been an active advocate for the majority of DD citizens since 2012, opposing this Strong Breeze project in numerous ways.

DDOWT and their supporters will be demonstrating at the open houses, at the Dutton Community Centre, 1 Scotland St., Dutton on March 23rd, 2-4pm, and March 24, 6-9pm. MPP Jeff Yurek, MP Karen Vecchio, other local politicians and recent new local partners, have also been invited to attend to show their support. DDOWT Executive member and local farmer, Jamie Littlejohn states, "I believe we should do everything we can to preserve our planet with environmentally sound protocols, but the citizens of Ontario have been misled, misinformed, and lied to by corporate and political initiatives of greed. Projects such as Strong Breeze stand behind the cloak of environmentalism as they destroy municipalities and ultimately our province. This insanity has to stop."

DDOWT Executive, and community resident Dave Congdon adds, "We hear from local citizens frequently. They are angry that our provincial government has allowed this to happen. Their concerns run the range of issues from this project costing so much to produce electricity we don't need, to worries about our local bird and bat population, the health of people that have to live near the turbines, and the damage this unwanted project is already doing to our quiet, friendly rural community. I think these angry folks will be out to the public meetings in numbers. And members of a new supportive partner group will also be attending."

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