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by Doug Harvey
Watch Out For That Yield

Updated - Watch Out For That Yield!

There is an update to the William Street - George Street - Bridge Street intersection in Port Stanley that is surely to cause an accident. On Wednesday I reported some sign changes to the William Street - Bridge Street intersection with a new yield sign for traffic travelling west on Bridge turning south onto William street.

For some reason on Wednesday there was still a stop sign at the corner of George and William for traffic travelling east on George Street as you can see in the picure taken that day. Now, that stop sign has been removed by the municipality and westbound traffic on George Street is not required to stop at that corner.

After going threw that intersection from George Street a couple of times, I can honestly say that when it gets busy it will surely add some free extra excitement to all those visitors heading for the beach.

Watch Out For That Yield!

Watch out for some new traffic signs at the Bridge Street - William Street intersection. Some caution must be taken for those drivers that for years have been using the same route to the beach going West along Bridge Street then turning South onto William Street.

Some recommendations from the traffic studies that were done last year suggested changing the signs at the William Street - George Street - Bridge Street intersection keeping the stop sign for Eastbound traffic on George Street and adding a yield sign for people turning South from Bridge Street onto William Street.

For Out-of-Towner's this intersection has always seemed to be a challenge with many people stopped trying to figure out who has the right of way. Now with these new recommendations finally in place, driver training can now begin preparing for that busy long weekend traffic that will surely cause some tense moments.

Last Updated: Saturday, 06 April 2019 16:00:34 PM EST

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