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Chris McDonough, Central Elgin Fire Rescue
The Dangers Of Thin Ice

Emergency Services have issued a joint plea urging parents and teachers to talk to kids about the dangers of thin ice and that falling into ice-cold water can be deadly.

“Falling through thin ice is preventable and frequently ends with tragic consequences,” Fire Chief Chris McDonough of the Central Elgin Fire Rescue Service said.

While rivers are obvious areas of concern, the warning also applies to other bodies of water:

  • drainage ditches
  • culverts
  • streams
  • creeks
  • retention ponds
  • outfalls

Central Elgin Fire Rescue also advises people who venture out to the Main and Little Beach to look at the shelf ice, but stay off it.

It's not solid. It's lightweight, and filled with air pockets.

Even a small amount of weight applied by a person walking on the shelf ice can cause someone to fall through into the cold waters of Lake Erie. According to The Fire Chief, if a person falls through the shelf ice, hypothermia will set in quickly, and survival will be unlikely. The Chief also stated that due to the constant shifting of the ice layers, a person who falls through the shelf ice may not be able to find the hole they fell through in order to get out.

Best regards,

Chris McDonough

Director of Fire Rescue Services/Fire Chief

Municipality of Central Elgin

Last Updated: Monday, 08 January 2018 17:16:06 PM EST

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