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by Doug Harvey
The Caribou Isle In Port Stanley

This sunny, but windy day, brought the Canadian Coast Guard vessel, the Caribou Isle, to Port Stanley. While on a routine buoy maintenance mission, stopped at Port Stanley's harbour to repair and reinstall buoys that had broken free, in and around the harbour.

Today's windy weather turned this normally easy task, into a much more difficult one because of rough water, with waves washing up on the boat's open deck. The crew after finishing their tasks, docked the Caribou Isle in Port Stanley's Harbour to check and secure equipment that had come loose during that morning.

The Engineer said that the open design of the vessel may lend a hand for loading or unloading equipment in calm water. But in rough water, the flat Bow ramps the water over, and onto the deck causing havoc for any personnel that might be on deck working. These conditions can be very dangerous, and sometimes the crew just have to wait for calmer seas.

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