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Living Wage St. Thomas

St. Thomas, Ontario - May 29th, 2017 - The Living Wage calculation, which is based on a national methodology created by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, has been recalculated for 2017 at $16.03 for St. Thomas and Elgin County. Several factors related to the actual local cost of living are considered in this calculation, including child care, food, shelter, transportation, social inclusion costs and more. It reflects what two working parents with young children aged three and seven must bring home to balance the cost of living and wages to sustain a healthy quality of life.

What is a living wage and why is it important to our community?

A Living Wage reflects the amount of money an employee needs to earn in order to allow them to adequately participate in community life. It is based on the actual costs of living in a specific community and gets families out of severe financial stress by lifting them out of poverty and providing a basic level of economic security. It is not the same as a minimum wage, which is the legal minimum all employers must pay.

Living wage benefits employees, employers, the economy and entire communities. By adopting living wage policies, employers have decreased expenditures through reduced turnovers and absenteeism, while employee morale and productivity increases. Employees have increased spending power which stimulates the local economy. Moreover, employees have an improved standard of living and quality of life, and this improves the health of the community as a whole.

Ontario Living Wage Network/Living Wage Employer Program

The Ontario Living Wage Network is comprised of employers, employees, NGOs, non-profits, researchers and all those advocating for decent work standards in Ontario. Many communities in Ontario have joined the Ontario Living Wage Network (OLWN) and there are a growing number of Living Wage employers. Living Wage employers recognize that paying a living wage constitutes a critical investment in the long term prosperity of the economy by fostering a dedicated, skilled and healthy workforce. The Living Wage Employer Program currently provides phased implementation with three levels of certification for organizations, including Supporter, Leader and Champion. More information on the Ontario Living Wage Network and Living Wage Employer Program is available at

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Last Updated: Monday, 29 May 2017 12:44:14 PM EST

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