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by Doug Harvey
St Thomas All Candidates Forum

Finding out what your future elected representative will do for you is now up to you, the voter, as the Writ has been dropped and now you have a month to get up to speed on who will get your vote in this year's Provincial election. In Elgin-Middlesex-London there are four candidates looking to capture your vote, incumbent Jeff Yurek representing the Progressive Conservatives Party, Amanda Stratton of the New Democratic Party, Carlie Forsythe of the Liberal Party, and Bronagh Morgan of the Green Party. If you are one of those undecided voters, or just trying to see how your candidate stacks up against the rest, then it's hard to beat one of those "All Candidates Forum".

On Thursday, May 10th we were lucky enough to be at the "All Candidates Forum" that was hosted by Elgin St. Thomas Coalition to End Poverty at the St. Thomas Public Library and was moderated by myFM radio. The theme of tonight's forum seemed to focus mostly on what actions would be taken to improve the lives of our children, our poor, and our growing senior population. Topics discussed were growing everyday issues concerning children going to school hungry, being able to access affordable healthy food, finding affordable housing, dealing with homelessness, dealing with income security and the minimum wage of the working poor, and public transportation issues involved in living in small communities that have either little or no public transportation at all.

The reaction from the crowded room of approximately 90 people to every candidate's answer seemed to very equal with all candidates getting a very healthy round of applause across the board. There didn't seem to be any clear winner or loser at this meeting, only a room filled with people content that there was some meaningful dialogue on solutions to improve lives in there community.

Editors Note: There is a youtube video of this event available for viewing at All Candidates Forum.

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