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Port Stanley News RSS Feed  News Special Meeting Of Council On Monday, October 31st, 2016


by Doug Harvey
Special Meeting Of Council On Monday, October 31st, 2016
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The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin

Special Meeting Of Council On Monday, October 31st, 2016

Roll Call - All accounted for.

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof - None reported.


Director of Physical Services

PW 76-16 Port Stanley Waste Water Treatment Facility Tender

A motion moved by Sally Martyn and seconded by Fiona Roberts that the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin award the contract for the Port Stanley Wastewater Treatment Plant.Pumping Station 51 and Pumping Station 52 to HIRA Limited, St. Thomas in the amount of $17,681,221.00 exclusive of HST. And that staff be directed to proceed with seeking a work plan from Watson Associates to update the municipality's Development Charges Study, Water Rate Study and Waste Water Rate Study as Per Report PW 76-16. This was a recorded vote with all voting for the motion.


As Council is aware the municipality undertook a process for the competitive tendering for the construction of the new Port Stanley Wastewater Treatment Plant, New Pumping Station 52 and refurbishment of Pumping Station 51.

Prior to tendering, an open prequalification process was undertaken and fifteen General Contractors submitted prequalification documents. As a result, of the prequalification process, all fifteen General Contractors were invited to submit bids for the project.

Tenders closed on Wednesday October 26th at p.m. Staff have taken the liberty of attaching a summary report from Stantec Consulting Project Manager Gary Deonarin for Council's review and consideration. As noted in Mr. Deonarin's summary report, staff are recommending that the project be awarded to HIRA Limited St. Thomas. The price submitted by HIRA was $17,681,221 exclusive of HST was the lowest bid. The second low bid was from Kingdom Construction in the amount of $17,683,691 .00 exclusive of HST. A difference of $2,470.00. The municipality also received a $2,000,000 grant from the Ontario Canada infrastructure Fund. As noted previously one of the conditions of receiving that money is the project needs to be "substantially complete" by the end of December 2017. Staff would note that this is a very large project from both a financial and ‘scope’ perspective. These two items combined with the very short and tight deadline for the project it will require the cooperation and concerted efforts by the contractor HIRA, Engineering firm Stantec and Physical Services Department Staff. Staff have met with the Senior representatives from HIRA and Stantec prior to this meeting reaffirming the pressures of this project and stressing the need for cooperation, and everyone‘s full attention and resources to successfully completing this project not only on time but also on budget. All parties are prepared to rise to this challenge.

Financial Considerations.

Staff would note that a considerable component of this project can be recovered from Development Charges. The project was considered and accounted for when the municipality undertook it's DC Study two years ago however, the price has increased from what was originally contemplated and accounted for in the DC charge. Therefore, staff would respectfully suggest that it would be prudent to update the study as soon as possible so that the new lots that are created are appropriately charged for the construction of the "growth related" components of the this project.

As well, we would note that some of the project will be funded by way of debt. The principal and interest payments that will be paid annually will be funded from the Wastewater budget from sewer rates. In light of these two financial impacts staff would respectfully suggest that it is prudent to undertake the updates of these two financial plans immediately. Watson Associates have undertaken the municipality's financial planning reports in the past and staff recommend requesting a work plan from them for Council to consider at a future meeting of Council. Given their comprehensive knowledge of the municipality's previous studies, and capital programs Watson is best positioned to complete the work in a timely fashion.

PW 77-16 JRI Lands, Environmental Remediation (PS52)

A motion moved by Harold Winkworth and seconded by Fiona Roberts that the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin engage Stantec Consulting to oversee and project manage the clean-up of the northerly portion of the James Richardson Industries (JRI) lands on the west pier in Port Stanley at a total cost of $43,500 exclusive of HST.
And that Council approve the bid from Waste Management for the trucking and disposal of the contaminated Soil.
And that Council approve the hiring of Laemers Excavating for the completion of the excavation work.
And further that the cost for this clean-up be funded from the interest realized from the Harbour contribution fund as Per Report PW 77-16. Carried

As Council is aware, the municipality has undertaken "Phase 2" environmental monitoring of the James Richardson Industries (JRI) and Lakes Terminals Properties located on the west side of the harbour in Port Stanley. The intent of this work was to characterize the level and extent of environmental contamination of the properties that are a result of legacy uses on and adjacent to the lands. As a result of this work there is evidence of some contamination of the lands and the levels vary throughout the properties.

There is an area immediately west of the lands that were just remediated by the Government of Canada that is impacted with PAH's and specifically soils that are contributing to the creation of PAH floating on the groundwater table. This is termed as "Free Product". As a result of the Transport Canada project some of this area was remediated due to the need for the boundary of the project to creep onto the JRI lands due to the presence of sub surface infrastructure on the former federally owned property. Staff would note that not of the product was remediated on the JRI lands so there is a need to continue with the remaining area. This needs to be completed prior to the construction of Pump Station 52 commences.

The Scope of Work for this remediation is similar to that just recently completed by the federal government. Approximately 3000 cubic meters of Soil will need to be excavated. The overburden that is not contaminated (approx. 2000 cubic meters) will be excavated and stockpiled and the contaminated soil that is contributing to the generation of "Free product" (approx. 2000 cubic meters) will be excavated and trucked to a licensed facility for contaminated product.

Financial Considerations
Engineering and Project Management
Stantec Consulting has managed the environmental monitoring and characterization of the harbour lands as well as peer reviewing the work completed on behalf of the federal government. Therefore staff are recommending that Stantec be appointed to undertake the project management and testing for this project. Staff have received a Scope of Work and work plan for this work with the cost not to exceed $43,500. Staff would respectfully suggest that Stantec be appointed to oversee the project.

Material Disposal
Stantec, on the municipality's behalf have sought pricing from two environmental trucking and landfilling, contractors for the trucking and disposal of the contaminated material (1000 tonnes). The lowest price received for this work was $33 per tonne and was received from Waste Management.

Material Excavation
The physical excavation of the material will be completed on a time and material basis by Laemers Excavating. Laemers were the sub contractor for the work completed on behalf of the federal government and is familiar with the work that needs to be completed. We estimate that the cost of this work will not exceed $40,000.

In an effort to be able to commence the Pumping Station Project so the December 2017 deadline can be met to secure funding it is imperative that the work commence immediately. We anticipate this work will be completed before the end of November 2016.

By-law(s) - Moved by Dennis Crevits and Seconded by Sally Martyn that by-laws 2080, 2081 be taken collectively. No discussion followed, the Motions were read 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time and passed collectively.

1. By-law 2080
Execute an Option Agreement with ERTH Community Energy LP respecting Solar Renewable Energy Projects

By-law 2081
Execute an Agreement with H.I.R.A. Limited - Port Stanley Wastewater Treatment Plant - Pumping Station 51 and Pumping Station 52

Closed Session - Council went into Closed Session at 12:00 PM.

CS1 Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Intern Contract Position

CS2 Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Physical Services Department (verbal report)


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