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by Francie Dennison

With fresh falling snow outside it seemed entirely appropriate when sidewalk winter control came up for discussion under New Business at the Central Elgin Council meeting of November 23, 2015.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

This correspondence was received collectively as information and filed.

1. New OPP Billing Model Correspondence received from The Township of Champlain respecting Review of the new OPP Billing Model. Councillor Winkworth said this was the "flavour of the day" and he didn't know where we were going as we can't afford this. Mayor Marr noted that this billing model came out last year and Central Elgin benefited slightly from it, with our policing costs going down to what other municipalities are paying.

2. Plan of Subdivision - Craigholme Estates Ltd. Notice received from County of Elgin advising that final approval for Plan of Subdivision Fine No. 34T-01002, Craigholme Estates Ltd., Part Lot Blocks 172, 173, 179 and 180, Plan 33M-292 has been given.

3. 2016 Volunteer Awards Correspondence received from Ministry of Citizenship, Immigration and International Trade inviting participation in two of Ontario's volunteer programs for 2016: The Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers and The Ontario Volunteer Service Awards. Deputy Mayor Martyn wanted this advertised in the CE Buzz so that other organizations know they can also nominate people. Council agreed.

4. $200.00 Spring Clean Up Donation received from Verlyn C. Lanning Sr. for Spring Clean-up. Mayor Marr noted "it's not often something like this happens." He wanted a letter of appreciation sent. Lloyd Perrin confirmed that St. Thomas is building a drop-off facility and there will be an agreement with Central Elgin that our residents can also drop things off there.


PW 93-15 Frank Drain Branch - Appointment of Engineer: Appointment of John Spriet P. Eng. of Spriet & Associates approved.

PW 94-15 Prior Drain Branch - Appointment of Engineer: Appointment of Henry Huotari P.Eng. of Parsons Corporation approved.

FS 13-15 Elgin Fire Communications Maintenance Agreement: Council accepted this agreement without discussion and authorized Chief Crocker to sign it.

FS 14-15 Monthly Alarm Activities Report: Council received this report as information without discussion.


  • Taken and passed collectively without discussion
  • By-law 1946 Being a By-law to Establish Certain Lands as Part of a Public Highway known as Symphony Court
  • By-law 1947 Committee of Adjustment
  • By-law 1948 ZBA - 384 George Street
  • By-law 1949 ZBA - 400 Sunset Drive
  • By-law 1950 ZBA - 10194 Turner Road
  • By-law 1951 Confirmatory By-law
  • By-law 1952 Being a By-law to Execute a Development Agreement - 55 1/2 Crescent Avenue


By resolution council appointed Stephen Carr to the ad hoc committee for the St. Thomas airport to implement zoning to protect the airport.

New Business

Sidewalk winter control came up for discussion as Mayor Marr asked Lloyd Perrin to update council on the municipality's sidewalk winter control program. Perrin said the policy affects only sidewalks 48" wide or wider, but it affects all of those, both business and residential. The policy is roads ploughed first and sidewalk ploughing after the roads are done. They use a trackless sidewalk V plough that has a blade 48" wide and wings about 60" wide. Only the blade touched the ground but at this time of year adjacent grass can get chewed up before the ground is frozen. When that happens they reseed it in the spring. In deep snow events they use a snow blower to clear the sidewalks. Salt damage does burn the grass off but salt doesn't work past -10° Celsius at which point they then use sand.

Mayor Marr got council to agree to send a letter to the Minister of Agriculture regarding their concerns about farm safety and economic impact if the Glanworth bridge is removed.

Unfinished Business
1. Public Garbage Can Policy

Closed Session

  • CS1 Closed Session Minutes
  • CS2 Security of Property (s.239(2)(a)) - Little Beach
  • CS3 Labour Relations or Employee Negotiations (s.239(2)(d)) - Utility Locator Position
  • CS4 Labour Relations - addendum to agenda

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