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by Francie Dennison
Rock Climbing and Zip Lines for Port Stanley Silo
Mount Port Stanley

Rock Climbing and Zip Lines were the latest proposal for the Port Stanley Silos, presented by John Kudelka of the Junction Climbing Centre to Central Elgin Council at their September 14, 2015 meeting.


1. Port Stanley Silo Proposal: John Kudelka, Junction Climbing Centre, will be in attendance to discuss a proposal for the Port Stanley Silo.

"This is not indoor rock climbing," began Kudelka with a strong PSVA supporting presence in council chambers, "but a unique, authentic experience not found anywhere else on Lake Erie's north shore." He sees it as revenue generating and not necessarily fitness-based. He proposed an observation deck and a quick jump line from the top of the tower to the ground, saying it was a minimal line and quick turnaround. They could incorporate rock climbing and zip lines and have multiple lines for multiple climbers at the same time, requiring only one supervisor to oversee all the active lines at once.

The model they looked at is the Dorset Fire Tower (which is not a silo structure), generating 600 cars (or 1,800 people) per day over 100 days of a summer season. At this site a heritage component was also added. [Port Stanley's summer season is 62 day, July and August, and it does not see an average of 600 cars per day, especially if it rains.] Mayor Marr asked Kudelka if they had factored in weather and Kudelka said they based their numbers on only one-fifth of the 600 cars per day seen at the Dorset Tower, but they still calculated on a 100-day season.

Kudelka said it would cost $85,000 to $145,000 for the staircases up the inside of the silo and another $40,000 to add the rock climbing up the outside of the tower. He said they calculated their operating costs (including salaries but excluding rent) at $60,000 per year and their revenues at $79,600 per year, leaving them with a $20,000 operating profit. They want to amortize these costs over 3 to 10 years and gave the impression that they expected the municipality to initially foot the bill. Councillor Winkworth asked them how much that profit margin would shrink once they paid rent, and if they could even afford to run it as a business. Kudelka said as the silo has no other use, it was really hard to say what a fair price would be for rent, or perhaps revenue sharing. He offered no market study and no traffic study to back up his numbers, no methodology and no proof as to the accuracy of these projections.

When asked he admitted they had not costed the rack and pinion elevator up the outside of the silo, but that it was less costly than a traditional elevator. They had also not costed the feasibility study and had not costed the observation platform. Deputy Mayor Martyn loved the idea and wanted to go zip-lining, but was concerned about accessibility issues. CAO Don Leitch said there were a number of issues with the proposal, not just accessibility.

Mayor Marr said it was an interesting proposal and one council would have to discuss. The tenders the municipality has let for demolition of the silos will be coming back to council at their September 21, 2015 meeting and council will have to decide at that time "what is in our best interests."

Correspondence (Action)

1. ERTH Corporation: Correspondence received from ERTH Corporation seeking delegate information for upcoming Shareholder's meeting on September 17, 2015 at Elmhurst Inn.

2. 2015 Dickens Day Parade: Correspondence received Port Stanley Dickens Day Parade Committee seeking permission for annual parade scheduled for Friday, November 27, 2015. Council had no objection and voted to reimburse the Lions club the cost of the insurance premium.

3. Public Swimming Area - Erie Rest Beach: Correspondence received from Port Stanley Village Association respecting boats and seadoos in public swimming area of Erie Rest Beach. The PSVA wanted the public swimming area marked off with buoys and ropes, as is done on Main Beach and Little Beach. Deputy Mayor Martyn thought this was a natural extension of marking the property lines on shore, something which council agreed to do last week. However, council voted to thank the PSVA for their comments and directed that no further action be taken at this time. Councillor McNeil said "our beach committee needs to take a look at this."

4. Chicken & Tails Nite: Correspondence received from Belmont Lions seeking permission for Chicken & Tails Nite at Belmont Arena on October 3, 2015. Council had no objection and voted to reimburse the Lions club the cost of the insurance premium.

5. AMO: Correspondence received from AMO respecting "AMO Support for the Syrian Refugee Crisis - Call to Action". Council rejected the AMO request of $100 per municipality with Councillor McNeil noting they had no business giving tax payer dollars to charity. Deputy Mayor Martyn wanted councillors to contribute out of pocket if they were not going to make a municipal donation.

Correspondence (for Council's Information)

  • Received collectively as information and filed
  • 1. Central Elgin Growing Together: Copy of minutes from Central Elgin Growing Together Committee meeting dated August 20, 2015. Deputy Mayor Martyn noted the banquet will be at the Port Stanley United Church and the date will be Wednesday October 28, 2015.
  • 2. Port Stanley BIA Board of Management: Copy of BIA Board of Management meetings dated June 10, June 18, July 15, and August 5, 2015.
  • 3. Supporting Ontario Trails Act: Correspondence received from the Township of Hamilton respecting Bill 100- Officially titled the "Supporting Ontario Trails Act".
  • 4. McCormick Home Foundation: Correspondence received from McCormick Home Foundation thanking staff for their assistance with recent visit to Port Stanley.
  • 5. YWCA: Copy of YWCA 2015 Year End Fiscal Report
  • 6. Regional Electricity Planning Update for London Area: Correspondence received respecting Regional Electricity Planning Update for London Area - Posting of Final Scoping Report.
  • 7. Fisherman's Memorial: Correspondence received from Frank and Nancy Prothero respecting the Fisherman's Memorial. Deputy Mayor Martyn noted they just wanted to see it cleaned and to put lighting on the inside of the glass with a motion detector, just as in the past they removed sand to reduce moisture buildup and mold. Mayor Marr noted updating should come from Parks & Rec at budget time, and Councillor McNeil noted there was a fund available for this work and it was not a new budget item.
  • 8. County of Elgin Land Division Committee: Copy of Decisions respecting County of Elgin Land Division Committee applications E47/15 (Hayhoe) and E50/15 (Zylstra).
  • 9. TransCanada Trail: Correspondence received from TransCanada Trail respecting progress towards 2017.
  • 10. Union Gas: Correspondence received from Union Gas respecting TransCanada Pipeline's Energy East Project.


CAO 62-15: Pool Fence By-law: This report was received as information with Deputy Mayor Martyn noting that the new by-law (passed later in the meeting) includes residential water gardens. This includes pools that have a depth of 24 inches or more at any one point and a surface area of 1 square meter or more and includes temporary or inflatable pools. It excludes a pond or reservoir to be used for conservation, sewage treatment or farming purposes; hydro massage pools; and storm water management ponds.

PW 76-15: Memorial Bench and Tree Program Policy Update: Council approved the Memorial Bench and Tree Program Policy as revised (raising the price of a bench with plaque to $3,000.00 plus HST, and the price of a tree with plaque to $500.00 plus HST); and agreed to delegate authority to approve memorial bench and tree locations to municipal staff.


  • Taken and passed collectively
  • By-law 1906:Pool Fence By-law
  • By-law 1915: ZBA - 11143 Highbury Avenue
  • By-law 1916: ZBA - Sunset Road & East Road
  • By-law 1917: ZBA - 45494 Sparta Line
  • By-law 1918: ZBA - 45043 Elm Line
  • By-law 1919: ZBA - 6454 Centennial Road
  • By-law 1920: ZBA - 8007 Centennial Road
  • By-law 1921: Confirmatory By-law
  • By-law 1924: Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Omega Contractors Inc. respecting 2015 Water/Sewer Replacements - Phase 2

New Business

Mayor Marr noted the Port Stanley/Sparta Doors Open event will be held Saturday, September 19th, 2015 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Unfinished Business

  • 1. Public Garbage Can Policy
  • 2. Little Creek Easement Report
  • 3. Proposed Road Closing, Part of Davis Street Report

Closed Session

  • CS1: Closed Session Minutes
  • CS2: A Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land (s.239(2)(c)) - Harding Smith Line
  • CS3: Security of Property (s.239(2)(a) - Port Stanley Harbour
  • CS4: Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)) - Oille Drain (verbal report)
  • CS5: Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)) and/or Solicitor-Client Privilege (s.239(2)(f)) and/or Security of Property (s.239(2)(a)) - Upper Spring Street Road Allowance

Last Updated: Tuesday, 15 September 2015 13:53:32 PM EST

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