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Constituency Office of Jeff Yurek, MPP
PCs vote against Liberal budget

PCs vote against Liberal budget that makes life more unaffordable

The following is a statement from Jeff Yurek, MPP, Elgin-Middlesex-London:

"Today the Ontario PCs voted against Kathleen Wynne's budget. The PCs cannot, and will not, support a budget that makes life harder for Ontario families.

"The reality in Ontario today is that people are working harder, paying more, and getting less. Families are living paycheque to paycheque. Many feel they're just keeping their heads above water.

"This budget is more of the same – in fact, it's even worse. It is nothing but a patchwork attempt by a desperate government to fix the mess they created. Under the Liberals we will continue to see hospitals starved of funding, frontline workers fired, skyrocketing hydro rates, and hundreds of schools on the chopping block.

"After 14 years of failed Liberal policy we are a "have-not" province. Ontario is no longer the economic freight train every province envied.

"And despite what the Liberals claim, this budget is not balanced. In fact, the Liberals hid an operating deficit of $5 billion, and at the same time hiked the provincial debt to its highest-level ever at $312 billion. It means Ontarians pay $12 billion dollars a year just in interest payments – that's $1 billion a month. Today every person in Ontario owes roughly $22,000 plus interest.

"This is wasted money not going towards hospital care for our seniors, improving our children's education, services like autism therapy, and it's not going to transit or to fix our roads. It's going to interest payments.

"The budget is not a plan to make life more affordable – it's only about Kathleen Wynne's Liberals saving face in an election year.

"The Ontario PCs will continue to stand up for Ontario taxpayers against this tired, scandal-plagued government. We will keep fighting for Ontario families to pay less and get ahead."

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