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by Doug Harvey
New Elgin County Woodlands Conservation ByLaw Amendment

Some good advice for land-owners that wish to cut or trim any tree on a slope in Port Stanley would be to contact the County of Elgin Tree Commissioner.

On November 27, 2018, Elgin County Council enacted By-Law 18-39, amending the Elgin County Woodlands Conservation By-Law 05-03 that will create a secondary Slope Permit process for specified slopes in the Municipality of Central Elgin.

The most critical revision incorporated within the amending By-Law 18-39 is the need for reports from an Arborist and Geotechnical Engineer to support a Slope Permit Application which will now be up to the discretion of the Tree Commissioner.

Under the revised process, a landowner must consult with the Tree Commissioner prior to any submission of a Slope Permit Application, after which the Tree Commissioner will decide and notify the landowner if either or both such reports are required before any Slope Permit Application can be considered. If neither report is required, then the Application for a Slope Permit can be received, processed and decided upon.

It is also noted that a decision was made to include a further amendment by incorporation of a definition for "injure" or "Injury" by which pruning of a healthy tree in accordance with Good Forestry Practice will not be prohibited.

The Elgin County Woodlands Conservation By-law is intended, "to restrict and regulate the destruction of trees by cutting, burning, bulldozing, application of chemicals or other means." The Elgin County Tree Commissioner is an appointed official of the County of Elgin. It is the Tree Commissioner's responsibility to ensure that the cutting of trees in Elgin County is consistent with the goals set out in the Elgin County Woodlands Conservation By-law.

Contact Information

Jeff Lawrence
Forest and Soils Conservation Supervisor
County of Elgin Tree Commissioner & Weed Inspector
Tel: (519) 631-1270 ext. 231
Email: jeff@kettlecreekconservation.on.ca
Website: Elgin County Tree Commissioner

Last Updated: Tuesday, 08 January 2019 10:21:44 AM EST

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