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Kettle Creek Conservation Authority
Kettle Creek Source Protection Area 2016 Report

October 20, 2017, St. Thomas - The first Annual Report on the progress of the Source Water Protection Program in the Kettle Creek Source Protection Area was approved at a recent meeting of the Kettle Creek Source Protection Authority.

“The Kettle Creek Source Protection Area – 2016 Annual Report is a reflection of Source Water Protection Program implementation efforts and more broadly, a snapshot of the program’s progress in the Kettle Creek watershed,” said Elizabeth VanHooren, General Manager of Kettle Creek Conservation Authority.

The Kettle Creek Source Protection Plan, which took effect on January 1, 2015, established policies to appropriately and effectively address significant drinking water threats to the Elgin Area Primary Water Supply System, east of Port Stanley, and the Belmont Water Supply System, the only municipal drinking water sources in the Kettle Creek watershed.

This report is produced by the Lake Erie Source Protection Region and written for the citizens of the Kettle Creek watershed, the Lake Erie Region Source Protection Committee, and local stakeholders. The report uses seven Source Water Protection Program categories developed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change. The categories help tell the story of progress towards full implementation of Source Protection Plans and the protection of municipal drinking water sources.

The 2016 Annual Report can be found at www.kettlecreekconservation.on.ca. To view the approved plan and its associated documents, please visit www.sourcewater.ca.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 25 October 2017 11:36:47 AM EST

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