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Hydro One  Award of Excellence
Hydro One - Award of Excellence

Central Elgin Regular Meeting Of Council On Monday, February 13th, 2017.

Roll Call - All accounted for.

An addendum to the agenda was introduced and passed to add Report CAO 09-17 Secondary Harbour Plan and By-law 2115 Secondary Harbour Agreement

Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and the General Nature Thereof - Mayor David Marr had Pecuniary Interest in Port Stanley & Community 55 Plus Club as he had done work for them in the past.

Adoption of Minutes

First Motion moved by Fiona Roberts and seconded by Sally Martyn that the Minutes of the Regular/Planning meeting of Council dated Monday, December 19, 2016, the Regular Meeting of Council dated Monday, January 9, 2017 and the Planning Meeting of Council dated Monday, January 16, 2017 be Adopted. With no discussion, the Motion was Carried.


1. Hydro One - Award of Excellence
Representatives from Hydro One and OCWA were in attendance to present an Award of Excellence for the turbo blower project.


1. Port Stanley Firefighters Association
Representatives from the Port Stanley Firefighters Association were in attendance to discuss the annual ChildCan Cold Water Dip event. The Childhood Cancer Research Association has asked for our assistance in organizing a cold water dip to raise funds for helping families dealing with children's cancers. The firemen's association has agreed to help. This would be the third year to ask permission to hold this event, and the event so far has raised aproximately $25,000. The groups are requesting council's permission to use the Little Beach in Port Stanley as the site for the cold water dip. The event would be held on March 4, 2017. Council's permission was given.

2. Pupil Accommodation Review
Heather Derks, Sparta Public School, was in attendance respecting Pupil Accommodation Review by Thames Valley District School Board. She provided details of a well thought out plan to add Elgin Court to the group of under capacity schools: Elgin Court by 147, Port Stanley by 235, Sparta PS by 60, for a under capacity total of 442 pupil places. By showing the over capacity schools of Mitchell Hepburn by 73, and the Pierre Elliott Trudeau French Immersion Program by 175, for an over capacity total of 248, the current available pupil places at the under capacity schools would be able to easily handle the over capacity issues without the need for a new Southeast St. Thomas school.

The presentation offered a solution which Council thought was very good, but because of the PAR's plan to close and build a new school in Belmont, and not knowing the position taken by the Port Stanley Public School, support was split between the wards of the Municipality. A decision to invite the Port Stanley School PAR representatives to Council to hear the position that the Port Stanley School has taken before any decision on the type of support that can be offered to the Sparta Public School group.

If Central Elgin is going to act to support the Sparta school community in this regard a resolution would be needed prior to March 8th, 2017 when the Sparta Public School will make their final report to Thames Valley District School Board.

3. Port Stanley & Community 55 Plus Club - Rental Fee Increase
An Executive Member of the Port Stanley & Community 55 Plus Club was in attendance to discuss an user fee increase for the Port Stanley Arena Hall. They received a letter from the Municipality dated January 27, 2017 regarding a rent increase for the Port Stanley Arena Hall. The rent in a previous rental agreement for three years had gone from $4200.00 to $5200.00 which is an increase of 24%.

The Port Stanley & Community 55 Plus Club has been a Port Stanley Arena tenant for twenty-five years, and rents the hall each Monday, 52 weeks a year, so any community seniors can come out, play euchre and socialize. Since the year 2000, donations of $30,000 to the arena have been made, while still paying rent of $29,833 which makes for a total of almost $60,000. The last agreement which expires on February 28th, 2017 was for $4000, but were later informed that there was a %5 surcharge, and a %13 HST charge to be added.

The Club made an offer of a three year agreement for $5,000.00 per year which would include all service charges, and taxes. The Club also believes that the times that the club rents the arena, do not conflict with any other groups or programs. After a lengthly discussion, with the main concern that it's better to have the arena being used, than being empty, the rental amount charged will go back to comittee for review where a final decision about the amount of rent charged will be made.

Correspondence (Action)

1. Outdoor Seasonal Vendor
2017 Port Stanley Outdoor Seasonal Vendor Application received from Sport In Port. - With no discussion, the motion was carried.

2. Street Lighting - Lynhurst Area
Correspondence received from Bob Allen, 39 Vineden Drive, seeking consideration to install a street light at the corner of Ryan Street and Vineden Drive. When asked, Lloyd Perrin indicated that the cost would be aproximately $2,500 which included a new pole, but due to that area being part of the Lynhurst Reconstruction Project it would be better to wait until that project is underway, and for now resign the intersection with stop signs. After some comments on what to do at that intersection for now, Mr. Leitch commented that the Lynhurst Reconstruction Project will not be underway for four years subject to Council's budget approval, and wanted to make sure that Council was aware of that when making a decision. The decission was made to put in stop signs, and that would be incorporated into the upcoming Stop Sign Bylaw that would be on the agenda in a couple of weeks.

Correspondence (for Council's Information) - The Motion that Correspondence for Council's Information Items #1 - #15 inclusive be received as information and filed was put forward by Harold Winkworth and seconded by Dan McNeil. With item #7 removed, the Motion was Carried.

Sally Martyn commented on #3. Thames Talbot Land Trust, saying that she wanted to go public with the fact that Lloyd Perrin volunteered that day to help with the clean up.

Sally Martyn commented on #7. Bill C-323 - Heritage Infrastructure, and made a Motion, seconded by Dan McNeil to support this bill. The Motion was Carried.

Sally Martyn commented on #13. Tree Planting in Central Elgin, and wanted to know Central Elgin's Roadside Tree Planting policy. Lloyd Perrin said that in agricultural areas tree planting is used as a last resort if drainage issues occur due to encroahment, and planted because trees are cheaper than a fence. In other areas trees are replaced on one to one basis.

Fiona Roberts commented on #8. Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association, promoting the idea for the need for postal banking, and said that this could be an alturnative that could address the Banking needs of our community through the existing local Post Offices.

1. Fire Department Infrastructure
Copy of correspondence sent to the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, from Township of Lake of Bays, the Municipality of Bluewater and the Town of New Tecumseth respecting Provincial Funding for Fire Department Infrastructure.

2. Bill 7, Amendment to the Residential Tenancies Act, 2006
Copy of correspondence sent to the Honourable Kathleen Wynne, Premier of Ontario, from the Municipality of Bluewater respecting downloading of enforcement responsibility for residential rental maintenance standards proposed in Schedule 5 of Bill 7.

3. Thames Talbot Land Trust
Postcard received from Thames Talbot Land Trust thanking Council for assistance with cleanup of lands at Hawk Cliff Woods.

4. Railway Right-of-Way - Property Taxation
Correspondence received from the Town of Atikokan requesting support for the Province of Ontario to implement a new system of municipal property taxation for railroad right-of-way properties.

5. Rural Economic Development (RED) program
Correspondence received from the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs announcing the launch of the renewed community-focused Rural Economic Development (RED) program.

6. Natural Gas Expansion in Ontario
Correspondence received from Patrick Brown, MPP, Simcoe North, Leader of the Official Opposition, respecting natural gas expansion in Ontario.

7. Bill C-323 - Heritage Infrastructure
Correspondence received from Peter VanLoan, MP, Official Opposition Critic for Canadian Heritage and National Historic Sites, Member of Parliament for York-Simcoe, respecting "Let's Save our Heritage Infrastructure - Contact Your MP to Support Bill C-323".

8. Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association
Correspondence received from CPPA, Canadian Postmasters and Assistants Association, respecting concerns over Federal Government Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates report and the need for postal banking.

9. County of Elgin - By-law Renaming of Part of Dexter Line
Correspondence received from the County of Elgin advising of By-law 17-03 "Being a By-law to Name Part of a Public Highway as Old Dexter Line" which County Council passed on January 24, 2017.

10. Little Creek Subdivison Phase 4 - Platinum Developments (Elgin) Inc.
Correspondence received from Steve Evans, Manager of Planning, County of Elgin, advising draft plan for Little Creek Subdivision Phase 4 was approved on January 24, 2017.

11. Gateway Roundabout - City of St. Thomas
Correspondence received from the City of St. Thomas advising of Public Information Centre respecting plans to construct roundabouts.

12. Central Elgin: 2016 Assessment Update Municipal Summary Report
Copy of 2016 Assessment Update Municipal Summary Report from MPAC.

13. Tree Planting in Central Elgin
Copy of email correspondence received from Al Tucker, 56095 Barnums Gully Line, concerning tree planting policy.

14. Carbon Tax Credits for Municipalities
Correspondence received from Municipality of Neebing seeking support for their resolution respecting "Carbon tax credits for Municipalities".

15. Notice of AGM - Port Stanley BIA
Notice of Port Stanley BIA (Business Improvement Area) Annual General Meeting scheduled for Wednesday, February 22 @ 5:30 p.m. at the Port Stanley Arena & Community Centre.


Chief Administrative Officer

CAO 08-17 January 2017 Monthly Building Reports - Received as information, carried.

CAO 09-17 Secondary Harbour Plan Report - Received as information, carried.
Report: In April 2013, the Port Stanley Harbour Economic Development Plan identified sixteen key recommendations for the redevelopment of the Harbour. Undertaking the completion of a Secondary Plan process was recommended as the first step in conveying the desired development of the Harbour. Undertaking a Community Improvement Plan ( CIP) was also recommended as a way to encourage the redevelopment of brownfield lands, thereby generating longer term revenue for the Municipality.

In November 2016, the Municipality issued a Request for Proposal ( RFP) to carry out the Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan project. The submission deadline for Proposals closed on January 11, 2017. Six proposals were received, and, based on the standards set out in the RFP documents, three proponents were shortlisted for interviews. Based on the total score from the interview and the RFP documents, Dillon Consulting Limited is being recommended by the Evaluation Committee.

The upset limit for the scope of work outlined in the RFP is $ 245, 823, inclusive of disbursements and exclusive of HST.

Dillon Consulting Limited has offered five provisional items, and staff recommended that the Municipality consider the Consultation and Communications Plan and a Coffee Conversations Public Event to launch the project, introduce the assignment and team, and gain input on how the public would like to be engaged. The additional costs for these two items are $ 1300 and $ 7500, respectively.

The total cost of the work outlined in the RFP and the two additional items, with HST, is $287,723.99. There is $ 250,000 in the Harbour budget for the Secondary Plan; the unbudgeted $ 37,723.99 would also come from the Harbour budget.

CAO 10-17 Part of Block 63, Plan 11M31 - A resolution declaring part of Block 63, Plan 11M31 lying east of a straight line drawn across said Block 63, which straight line runs along the rear (westernmost) lot lines of lots 77, 78 and 79, Registered Plan 24 as those said lot lines are shown upon said Plan 11M31, to be surplus as per Report CAO 10-17. Carried

CAO 11-17 Full and Final Release of Easement Agreement, 206 Main Street and 208 Main Street A resolution to receive this report as information and that Council pass By-law 2117 to authorize execution of the Full and Final Release of the Easement Agreement with 1343871 Ontario Inc. (current owner of 206 Main Street) and David Ian Russell (current owner of 208 Main Street). Carried

Director of Physical Services

PW 02-17 Stop Signs at Railway Crossings - This would concern about a dozen railcrossings in Central Elgin. Carried
Report: Transport Canada introduced regulations in November of 2014 regarding railway crossing safety. All road authorities are to review all railway crossings in order to comply with the new regulations. Staff at Central Elgin has surveyed all of the uncontrolled rail crossings in the Municipality to review safety concerns and compliance with the new regulations.

It has come to the attention of staff during review of the survey data that all the railway crossings do not have suffcient sight lines to accommodate a safe stopping distance from the rail tracks. Factors affecting site lines are trees, angle of the tracks to the road and overgrown vegetation. The majority of these issues reside on private or railway property that is not in control of the Municipality. Staff recommends that council approve a stop condition for vehicular traffic at all uncontrolled railway crossings. If approved, staff will bring forward a by-law at a later council meeting to adopt all new stop signs at railway crossings. All work to upgrade crossings will be funded through the roads operating budget.

Director of Financial Services/Treasurer

DFS 04-17 2017 Telephone System Upgrades (CPR 2017-GG-01) - Carried.
Report: The County of Elgin is currently in the process of requesting proposals for their 2017 telephone system renewal and replacements. Voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is the technology currently used by the County. This system allows voice messages to be translated into email and forwarded to mobile devices and desktop computers to provide immediate access to inquiries whether onsite or offsite for all staff.

As a contractor of the County's IT services, Central Elgin was approached and offered the opportunity to share in the County's telephone infrastructure on the back end by upgrading and rerouting our telephone traffic through the County-wide network. Senior staff at Central Elgin met and felt that since the existing telephone infrastructure has been in place dating back to amalgamation and possibly prior to 1998 in some locations, that this was an opportunity that should be taken advantage of. Central Elgin's infrastructure needs have been included on the County of Elgin's Request for Proposal 2017-02. This change would see all fire halls, arenas, White Station and the main office having identical infrastructure and telephone configuration so that both outbound and incoming telephone traffic will be seamless and consistent throughout Central Elgin locations. Obviously, some phone numbers will remain unpublished as they must be available for emergency situations, after hours calling, etc. but overall staff feel the interconnectivity of our locations on the back end will provide better internal as well as external customer service. Access to telephone messaging remotely on mobile devices is truly advancement for offsite staff that previously had to call in or leave out of office information delaying their ability to respond to inquiries in their areas.

Staff is pleased to provide Council with the attached telephone system audit and Capital Project Record (CPR) 2017-GG-01 for Council's information. The CPR shows that the anticipated cost of 50 handsets plus installation will be approximately $27,500 which is fully funded by the General Government IT Equipment Reserve as staff have been setting aside funds in that reserve over the past 4 years in anticipation of this possible opportunity.

Director of Fire Rescue Services/Fire Chief

By-laws - A Motion Moved by Dan McNeil and Seconded by Stephen Carr that By-law 2109, 2110, 2111, 2112, 2113, 2114, 2115, 2116, 2117, 2118, 2119 be taken collectively.

Harold Winkworth commented about how the Lynhurst Reconstruction Project has taken a backseat to other projects, and has been sidelined for too many years, and was looking for some reasurance from Council that sooner, rather than alot later, that this project would get off the ground. He made referance to how spending over $35,000,000 in a handful of years in Port Stanley didn't seem to be an issue, and would like to see one of the other projects such as the new Fire Hall put on the backburner, and procede now with the Lynhurst Reconstruction Project. Councilor Winkworth also stated that he has been inidated with phonecalls from Lynhurst residents asking when will this project start, and stated that he would not be doing his job if he didn't bring up these concerns from his ward.

Harold Winkworth also brought a Motion forward to have By-law 2111, and 2114 removed from the list and voted upon seporately with the vote being recorded.

A Motion that By-law 2109, 2110, 2112, 2113, 2115, 2116, 2117, 2118, 2119 be read a 1st, 2nd, 3rd time and finally passed collectively.

A Motion that By-law 2111 be read a 1st, 2nd, 3rd time and finally passed by a recorded vote with only Harold Winkworth opposed.

A Motion that By-law 2114 be read a 1st, 2nd, 3rd time and finally passed by a recorded vote with only Harold Winkworth opposed.

By-law 2109 Confirmatory By-law

By-law 2110 Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada respecting Enabling Accessibility Grant for Port Stanley Beach Accessibility Mats.

By-law 2111 2017 Tax Rate

By-law 2112 2017 Water Budget

By-law 2113 2017 Wastewater Budget

By-law 2114 2017 Harbour Budget

By-law 2115 Being a By-law to Execute an Agreement with Dillon Consulting Limited respecting the Port Stanley Harbour Secondary Plan

By-law 2116 Being a By-law to Provide Collection of Costs of Repairs and Maintenance - 2016 Drainage Works

By-law 2117 Being a By-law to Authorize the Execution of a Full and Final Release of Easement Agreement with 1343871 Ontario Inc. and David Ian Russell

By-law 2118 Execute an Agreement with Prespa Construction Ltd., to amend the Development Agreement regarding Draft Plan of Subdivision 34T-CE1401

By-law 2119 Development Agreement with Platinum Developments (Elgin) - 34T-CE1601

Public Notice


New Business

1. Notice of Motion
Deputy Mayor Martyn has provided notice of motion respecting monthly meeting schedule of Council.

Unfinished Business

Closed Session - Went into closed session at 9:27 p.m.

CS1 Closed Session Minutes

CS2 Litigation or Potential Litigation (s.239(2)(e)) - Property on Dexter Line

CS3 A Proposed or Pending Acquisition or Disposition of Land (s.239(2)(c)) - 14000 Belmont Road


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