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by Doug Harvey
Extreme Weather Tourism

Most people that come to Port Stanley are those that enjoy a warm sunny day to relax on the beach, or take in some sights of what Port Stanley has to offer. But still on those cold, windy November days, expect tourists on the beach taking in some of those cool breezes.

You see, in the fall a new kind of tourist has their eye on a visit to Port Stanley, and the reason for this is the weather. With this change of season comes more extreme weather which creates some excellent conditions for those wind surfers, surfers, photographers, and just about anyone looking for some adventure.

The best shows begins with a weather forecast of increasing Southwest winds, with the strongest winds drawing out the most people. Almost every time when the conditions are right, you will see wind surfers, surfers, photographers, and a steady stream of onlookers appear, all there to experience what nature has provided.

Because only the wind gusting at these higher speeds can create those beautiful, exciting, drifting waves that allow anyone with a surf board to ride, or anyone with a camera to capture some precious moments. So don't miss out, keep checking the weather, and when the weather conditions are just right, a new chapter will begin in the never ending story of this Port Stanley attraction.

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