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by Doug Harvey
Edith Street's Last Stand

When it comes to street names, some people believe that there's some confusion with the name Edith. In Port Stanley Edith seems to be one of those names that gets used more than once, and some of Port's examples are Edith Street, Edith Cavell Boulevard, and West Edith Cavell Boulevard.

Last year a delegation came before Central Elgin Council at the October 23rd, 2017 meeting requesting that the name of the street be changed because of confusion with a medical emergency 911 call for an ambulance to an address on Edith St. in the Mitchell Heights area of Port Stanley on the September 23rd weekend where precious time was lost from emergency services going to the wrong address on Edith Cavell Boulevard. Edith Street has only five homes on it, and the name is a safety issue because of similarities with the other street names in Port Stanley, which has also caused a lot of confusion with deliveries and visitors trying to find the correct address. She proposed changing the name to Lombardo Lane because it is adjacent to a property once owned by the Lombardo family.

Another delegation came before Council directly after the first indicating that after living in the area for thirty years she could not remember any incidents of confusion regarding a name mix-up of Edith Street and Edith Cavell with our delivery services. She also spoke about the history of the Mitchell Heights area and how the streets were named over 100 years ago after Mitchell family members. She also stated that she was opposed to any kind of name change for the street because of historical reasons, and that if a street name is considered, that all residents in the Mitchell Heights area be included on any decision of a name change of Edith Street.

After the delegations had presented there opposing views, Sally Martyn offered to do some research regarding a suitable name at the registry office to see if anyone from the Lombardo family had owned the land because of the suggestion of changing Edith Street to Lombardo Lane. She also agreed that this was a reasonable request and that the name should be changed for safety reasons. Dennis Crevits also agreed that this was not an unreasonable request and for safety reasons should rename Edith Street. Mayor Marr suggested that area residents get together to discuss the possible street name change and to see if a consensus can be found regarding a new street name. Research and a local area consensus will help in any decision regarding any change to the name of Edith Street that will take place at a future meeting of Council.

After further discussions at Council, it was determined that the name of the street would be changed to Guy Lombardo Lane from the existing name of Edith Street. Just before the By-law to Rename Edith Street to Guy Lombardo Lane would come before Council, the Municipality of Central Elgin gave notice that the Council of The Corporation of the Municipality of Central Elgin intends to pass a by-law to rename the existing public highway, now known as Edith Street, as Guy Lombardo Lane. And further take notice that Council will hear any person, or by his/her counsel, solicitor or agent, who wishes to make representation respecting the proposed by-law at its regular meeting scheduled for 1:00 pm on Monday, August 27, 2018.

At this next Council meeting on August 27th, 2018, Council will give another two delegations a last minute chance to explain their opinions on changing the name of Edith Street just before a vote on the name changing By-law. As for the outcome of which name this street will use in the future, one thing for sure is that By-law 2290 a By-law to Rename Edith Street at Guy Lombardo Lane is ready to be signed, as to the right decision being made here, well that just depends on what side of the fence your're on, but it's sure nice to see democracy in action.

Last Updated: Friday, 24 August 2018 15:23:45 PM EST

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