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by Doug Harvey
Dewatering operation to start soon

At the June 26th, 2017 Council meeting Lloyd Perrin gave his report on the Pumping Station 52 component of the Waste Water Treatment project that was started on April 10th, 2017. During the dewatering operation, the contractor encountered contaminated ground water causing the underground sewer component of the project to be halted. This was necessary to address the treatment of the water being pumped from the ground and amending the Permit To Take Water (PTTW) which the municipality previously received from Ministry of Environment and Energy. The municipality's consultant, Stantec, has been diligent with working with MOECC to address concerns and compiling the necessary technical work and information required to support a new PTTW.

The municipality's contractor HIRA has struggled to react to finding a subcontractor that is able to provide the necessary treatment equipment to address the situation. As a result, Stantec has assisted and sourced private third party subcontractors that are capable of treating the water from the dewatering operation prior to discharge to the natural environment. Stantec has been able to source the contractor and receive a work plan from one contractor to complete the work and has since shared that with HIRA.

Lloyd Perrin also stated that given the time required to finalize the PTTW approvals for the operation and getting the plant mobilized it is anticipated that the dewatering operation would commence by July 21st, 2017. Depending on how long it takes to lower the groundwater to a level that will facilitate the underground works, the underground sewer should be installed by mid August with restoration in the area to happen immediately after.

Financial considerations to mobilize and operate a portable plant to undertake the treatment can not be priced as a definite lump sum cost for a number of reasons:

  • The time it takes to install the underground piping that the dewatering operation is being undertaken for is somewhat unknown.
  • The pump rates to maintain the appropriate working conditions for the installation of the trunk sewer is unknown.
  • These pump rates will affect the level of treatment effort that is required to provide the necessary water quality before discharging.
  • There are a number of consumables such as clay and carbon that are necessary to perform the treatment.
  • The amount of consumables will be determined by pump rates and the levels of contamination of the ground water.

The estimated cost for the mobilization and utilization of the treatment plant could be as high as $230,000, while significant, is necessary to complete the project. Staff would also confirm that there is sufficient monies contained within the contingency allowance for the project to cover the costs.

Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 July 2017 13:12:56 PM EST

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