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Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Canada's Commitment To The Shared Great Lakes Fishery

Today's announcement by Soo MP Terry Sheehan promises more attention to fishery science and sea lamprey control

April 4, 2018, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario - The Great Lakes Fishery Commission today thanked the Government of Canada for increasing its financial contribution for the commission's work. The Commission, which implements the 1954 Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries, addresses the shared elements of the Great Lakes fishery, which include controlling the invasive, destructive sea lamprey; advancing basinwide fishery science; and maintaining working arrangements among the basin's management agencies. Today's announcement, made by MP Terry Sheehan on behalf of the government, indicates Canada's intent to step up its commitment to protect and improve fish stocks of common concern between Canada and the U.S. The two nations, together, fund the joint commission.

"I join my fellow commissioners in thanking the Government of Canada for providing additional funds to the Great Lakes Fishery Commission," said Commission vice-chair James McKane of Wiarton. "Both Canada and the United States, in adhering to the highly successful Convention on Great Lakes Fisheries, agree to fund the Commission's important work. Mr. Sheehan's announcement today is a positive re-affirmation of Canada's strong commitment to improving the Great Lakes and the fisheries they support."

McKane continued: "The Great Lakes Fishery Commission's program is essential to the $7 billion Great Lakes fishery. Hundreds of thousands of people, basinwide, depend on a healthy Great Lakes for their livelihoods; the fishery alone generates more than 75,000 jobs and is the backbone of many local communities. The Commission works hard every day with a sincere awareness that what we do is important to people now and to future generations. We very much appreciate Canada's renewed dedication to our efforts; without this support, we would have no fishery to speak of."

McKane continued: "The funding announced today will allow the Commission to deliver an aggressive sea lamprey control program and devote more resources to the science necessary to ensure sound fishery management. The enhanced contribution also contains new funding for physical infrastructure, such as low-head barriers, to control sea lamprey. Since each sea lamprey will destroy up to 20 kilograms of fish during its parasitic phase, sea lamprey control is the single most important thing we can do to ensure the perpetuation of the $7 billion fishery."

Robert Lambe, the Commission's executive secretary, added: "It is fitting Mr. Sheehan, MP, of Sault Ste. Marie is making this announcement on behalf of the Government of Canada, as the Sea Lamprey Control Centre has been a part of the Soo community for more than fifty years. It is no exaggeration to say that the men and women who deliver sea lamprey control have saved the Great Lakes fishery. They could not do their jobs without the appreciation we all have for binational cooperation and without the commitment from the Government of Canada to fund this essential work."

Visit www.glfc.org to learn more about the Great Lakes Fishery Commission.

Last Updated: Wednesday, 04 April 2018 13:27:30 PM EST

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