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Apprenticeship Toolbox

web portal for employers, launches today

"In 2011, the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum forecasted a need for 316,000 workers to replace the construction industry's retiring workforce (CAF, 2011a). Meanwhile, worker shortages in the automotive sector are expected to reach between 43,700 and 77,150 by 2021. The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum's 2011 survey data also showed that nearly half of employers report a shortage of qualified staff (CAF, 2011a). With worker shortages already widespread across skilled trades sectors, the attraction of apprentices and the completion of apprenticeships are issues concerning stakeholders involved in worker training, economic development, and workforce planning." (Barriers to Attracting Apprentices and Completing their Apprenticeships, 2015)

There is a shortage of apprentices in Ontario, creating an opportunity for employers to hire and train their future workforce their way and reap the benefits.

"What's more, the returns are outstanding. The employers we talked to, experienced an average revenue of $1.47 for every dollar they invested in apprentice training. That's almost a 50% return!"

(Canadian Apprenticeship Forum, What is Apprenticeship?)

The Apprenticeship Toolbox helps ease the hiring process for employers. It showcases the steps required in hiring an apprentice, the benefits to the employer, the employer's return on investment and the potential funding. The Apprenticeship Toolbox has many other useful links to resources that can assist employers. Go to The Apprenticeship Toolbox for more information.

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